Dec. 7th, 2008

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Elena is really into the planets right now (we have a good library book checked out now on the topic). Her favorites are Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, because they all have P's in them and that's her favorite letter now. (And yes, she knows Pluto is a dwarf planet, but she still likes it.)

She fell down the other day and her knee got a little scraped up through her tights. I commented on it being a bit red, and she said, "It's like Jupiter's Great Red Spot." We started laughing, but she didn't like that, and told us not to laugh at her. (Of course, we assured her that we weren't laughing at her.)

This morning, she seriously informed me that her Great Red Spot was feeling much better today.

Eeee!!! How does one NOT laugh????? :)
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Another funny moment from our day - we were at Walmart this morning, just looking around and roaming the electronics section. [ profile] galagan started to turn our cart down one aisle, and Elena said, "No, go to that aisle." So he went one aisle over, and guess what we found? It was the Guitar Hero-Rock Band aisle. They had a drum set there, so she played drums and I poked around at the stuff while he went and browsed elsewhere (getting Christmas ideas).

She totally wants Rock Band - she *always* points it out in stores, ever since our Texas trip. (She loved watching people play it there.) Think she can be the one to finally convince [ profile] galagan we *need* to get it??? :)


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