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Lightning bugs! There are lightning bugs outside my window!!

And I saw a hummingbird today ... um, at one of our flowering bushes.

I have nothing else of import to say. :)
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So, in case you missed [livejournal.com profile] galagan's post (it was locked), we have a (commitment to a) house!! We bid, they counter-offered us, and we countered that, and they took it!!! It's so very exciting, and still a little overwhelming too. :) Key points: a GARAGE, dishwasher, guest room, deck, mountain views, over an acre of land (with neighbors on two sides, and nobody on the other sides of us). We'll close in March - which seems very far off, and then immediately near.

In other news, we have a stubborn tantrum-y child, which is incredibly frustrating. She won't do *anything* this week without a fight. Going to Montana for Christmas might unsettle her even more - though she'll have extra doting from Grandma and others, so maybe that will make up for it.

And I only have two more workdays, and then we go to Montana next Monday!!! Eeeep.
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My friendslist seems to be erupting into spontaneous applause today just at the fact that it's September. Yay September. Let me join in - I'm thrilled that summer is over and fall is *almost* here. Woo.

[livejournal.com profile] galagan took the afternoon off yesterday, and we drove to Brattleboro, Vermont. (Why Brattleboro? The answer is mostly because we could.) It was a gorgeous day - and I even spotted a few stray branches on those Vermont trees starting to turn colors. Note that yesterday was still officially August, which seems Too Early for These Things. Not that I'm complaining. We drove into New Hampshire purely for Elena's benefit - it was her 21st state. Yes, you read that right. (Before the grand cross-country drive, she had been to *6* states though. That effort really pushed her into new territory. She has been to more states than she is months old - that would be 18, next week). Anyway, we wandered around downtown Brattleboro, which is very cute and quaint. Elena did not want to walk though. She's in a phase where she will only walk 10-20 feet before falling to her knees and whining.

Today's big accomplishment has lots o' back story. Back story cut for patheticness and rambling )
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We are, verily, online. We're both sitting here in the "office" typing away madly and frantically. Ohhhh, how I've missed you all.

Nothing much to report, aside from the brilliant wonderfulness of having internet (and cable TV too!) at last. Elena is a full-fledged toddler with *Moods*, though she does well enough in public to get by. Most of her public thinks she's adorable, at any rate, which means she's got 'em all snowed. Good girl. My sister was here for about 18 hours Friday/Saturday, and it was great to see her (and realize that we're mostly within reach of each other, at least for the half year she's in New York). We went to a great party - yay! We both got our driver's licenses, and think we've gotten the whole garbage thing sorted out (don't even ask). In short, things are finally settling down and we are settling in, and that's just plain good.

Life is happy.

More as events warrant.

p.s. Note to self: I need to do a book post and a picture post.
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We are the proud renters of a house!!! It has its own 4 walls and *everything*!!!! Yay.

[livejournal.com profile] kassrachel and [livejournal.com profile] yaoobruni are wonderful hosts, as most of you know.

While not running around looking at apartments or exploring, I was mostly a hermit on my trip, because well, I could. I got to sit all by myself and read books and not deal with other people or their demands. I don't get that opportunity much (or ever). So I was non-social, and I didn't get to see anyone while there. But there will be plenty more opportunities for that later.

I read many books while gone (all titles and authors off the top of my head) - including Three Junes, by Julia Glass, which I really enjoyed. The Commitment, Dan Savage's book about marriage (pretty good), a whole lot of Dykes to Watch Out For collections (yay!), and much of Anne of Green Gables (it had been a while - yay again!).


I could rant a tiny bit about my trip home, which was mostly fine (United sucks, "on time" does not mean "we have landed" to me but "We are getting off the plane now" (related: to the ground crew at Dulles - I don't care if it's raining and other people gatechecked their bags, I want off the freaking plane! so unlock the doors!), stupid girl from Florida sitting behind me needed to STFU). Ahem.

Anyway - we leave SOON. Wow.

ETA: I also read Tender At the Bone by Ruth Reichl. Very good.


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