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We went out to dinner last night, and Elena decided she didn't like the guy who seated us (this was at Thai Sushi Garden, for those of you currently or formerly local) - and she basically kicked up a fuss every time she saw him for the entire meal. It was miserable. She really ruined dinner. Then we took her home and she was whiny for the rest of the night. We take her out to eat all the time - she totally knows better. It was embarrassing and disappointing.

When I got home from work earlier, I heard her moving around upstairs (supposed to be "napping") - I went to see what was going on, and she had gotten an eyeliner pencil from my room and drawn whiskers on all her dolls. Including some with cloth faces. Maybe I'll try to clean them up, but I worry that the cloth will just smudge and those dolls will forever have grey dirty faces. We'll see. Maybe some of them will just keep their whiskers - we'll have to Have A Talk about it. (We draw whiskers on our own faces like this all the time. But usually with adult supervision. *ahem*)

So yeah.

At work this morning, we had a special event: Llamas in the Library. Yes, really - except it was just one llama. And they do indeed bring him IN to the library - right up the elevator. He was most intrigued by the mirror in the playroom and had to thoroughly check out this other llama who suddenly appeared. He was beautiful and very well-behaved, but we had more than 100 people in our small-ish space within one hour. I'm exhausted now.

And in an hour or so, we will get in the car and drive to Albany to pick up my mother, who is visiting for the next weekend, and whatever birthday festivities will be happening (which I still need to plan).

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