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Life is good today.

As of this morning, Elena will be starting to go to pre-school 3 days a week next week! I'd been wanting this increase for a little while, chiefly for school purposes - but it also opens up the possibility of occasional free time (like, it might get to exist) for me. She loves school so much, and we knew we wanted to increase the number of days eventually. Woo!! One of her friends starts on Monday (in the class below hers) - so that will be nice too: she'll be there to cheer on O at his first day.

.... *ahem* I'm distracted for a moment, because there seems to be a huge convention of female cardinals outside the window. There must be at least 30 of them. How bizarre.


I think my classes are going to be survivable this quarter. We'll See.

Work stuff is good too. The director and the children's librarian will be retiring this summer, and people are moving up, etc. They asked me if I would be interested in the mid-level positions opening up. (Yes.) And yesterday, I arrived for story hour just in time to hear the future Acting Director tell the current children's staff that he's been hearing wonderful things about me and my work there. Woo!

Tonight Elena is going over to Cassie's house for the evening and we have a night out! on! the! town! Woohoo indeed.

ETA: In other good news - go Iowa!!!! :)
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We went out to dinner last night, and Elena decided she didn't like the guy who seated us (this was at Thai Sushi Garden, for those of you currently or formerly local) - and she basically kicked up a fuss every time she saw him for the entire meal. It was miserable. She really ruined dinner. Then we took her home and she was whiny for the rest of the night. We take her out to eat all the time - she totally knows better. It was embarrassing and disappointing.

When I got home from work earlier, I heard her moving around upstairs (supposed to be "napping") - I went to see what was going on, and she had gotten an eyeliner pencil from my room and drawn whiskers on all her dolls. Including some with cloth faces. Maybe I'll try to clean them up, but I worry that the cloth will just smudge and those dolls will forever have grey dirty faces. We'll see. Maybe some of them will just keep their whiskers - we'll have to Have A Talk about it. (We draw whiskers on our own faces like this all the time. But usually with adult supervision. *ahem*)

So yeah.

At work this morning, we had a special event: Llamas in the Library. Yes, really - except it was just one llama. And they do indeed bring him IN to the library - right up the elevator. He was most intrigued by the mirror in the playroom and had to thoroughly check out this other llama who suddenly appeared. He was beautiful and very well-behaved, but we had more than 100 people in our small-ish space within one hour. I'm exhausted now.

And in an hour or so, we will get in the car and drive to Albany to pick up my mother, who is visiting for the next weekend, and whatever birthday festivities will be happening (which I still need to plan).
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When I look at my recent entries, I realize that I haven't made a Real Post in like forEVAR. So I think I'll try - but it may end up being a random laundry list.

* School is good. This has been an unexpectedly easy quarter, which is lovely and nice. I am surviving Stats, and maybe even understand some of it. (I have an AWESOME prof - that helps.) And the quarter is almost done. Dang, quarters go fast...... In 3 weeks I will be 1/4 of the way through the entire degree!

* Work is good. I like my crappy, low-paying job, and that's a nice realization. And someday, the economy will shift and there will once again be job openings, and I can hope to move on from this to something bigger and more challenging. All in good time (I hope).

* Elena is about to turn 4. 4!! Yes, I know. She is roughly 8 feet tall and talks a blue streak when she gets going...... We had a playdate this morning and I can tell she really likes this particular mom, because she talks about her (as opposed to talking about her child) before they even showed up, and once they got here, she would not shut up! She kept bringing books and toys to K to show off to her.

She was poking through our DVDs last week, and pulled out The Little Mermaid. (Yes, I own it. Shut up.) She was instantly drawn to it, and has watched it every day since. (Actually - she's only allowed to watch it once a day, and we've gotten it so that she watches half of the movie per day - that's 45 minutes, and about as long as her attention span will really go.) This is her first movie obsession (in that toddler way of watching the same movie over and over and over and over) - and it's not THAT bad. She has absolutely no problems with Ursula the Sea Witch. (Let me point out that she won't watch Sesame Street anymore - though she loves it - because she's afraid of Cookie Monster, despite my repeated statements that he's a very nice monster who just gets a little excited sometimes...... But Ursula is no problem? Sheesh.)

So let's add mermaids to the obsession list of princesses and ballerinas.

She's always telling me about her sisters (usually represented by dolls). Sometimes they get time-outs for no apparent reason. It's always a little horrifying to watch her parody of parental discipline and wonder if that's how we appear to her.

She is completely madly utterly head-over-heels in love with me right now. She's so affectionate too, which means she'll launch herself at me for a full body hug and lots of kisses. If she knocks me over, so much the better. This also means, in the balancing scale which is parenting, that she's totally not into Daddy right now. This is okay - he knows how it goes, and that eventually it will shift back again. But this did lead to an amusing conversation yesterday when I left for rehearsal:

Me: I'm going - now you be nice to Daddy, okay?
Her: Okay. I won't push him.
Me: Okay, don't yell at him either.

I need to plan a birthday party for her..... My mom will be here all next week (leading up to E's birthday), so that will be help on some fronts, and also more work entertaining the house guest, etc. etc.

* I have read so many good books in the last month or so! Some of the recent favorites: Graceling, Feed, Fires of the Faithful, Uglies (!!!!!!), the Sharing Knife series, the Essential Dykes to Watch Out For, Spiral Hunt, Rapunzel's Revenge. Mmmmm, good stuff.
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Yesterday, I led my first toddler story hour. Actually, it was a half-hour. )


Oct. 22nd, 2008 08:03 pm
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Whew. It's been a crazy couple of days. My Dad's been here visiting, which has its own set of Stuff -n- Issues. More later on that, perhaps.

School is good. I am doing well in my classes, and the workload is manageable - I'm only taking 2, so it's not that bad. My biggest fear - posting enough on the discussion boards - seems to be unfounded and I'm even doing okay (or oaky) on that front. (I always hated class participation. I'm better about that stuff than when I was 18, certainly, but it's still sometimes a struggle.)

Work is good too. I've been totally swamped lately, but in a good way, I suppose. Let me just say that I hate shelving picture books. They are all oversized (or strange shapes) and so thin, and easily pushed behind each other, and each author has about 14 different titles to rummage through. And a medium-sized stack is a million books (roughly) and just that much takes forever. Give me chapter books, any day. :)

Today I drove my dad to the airport - saw my first snow of the season crossing the small rise on Route 7 just past the Vermont border (just flakes blowing around in the air). What a cold day, too! While in the Big City, I ran a bunch of errands. I went into a JoAnn Fabrics Etc., and was stunned by the huge range of crafty stuff there (the words "You've never seen such a place!" entered my head).

I just got a call from Obama people asking me to volunteer, and the bitch nasty person.... no, bitch made me feel bad for saying that I was swamped and couldn't volunteer. Thanks a bunch. I should have chewed her out, instead of just sharing my frustration with y'all. Sometimes I wish I were a leetle more confrontational, and a little less passive about these things.

It occurred to me that I haven't been listing books here lately - and I'm not sure I'm going to catch up. Um, I do track them via Goodreads (which you can see on my Facebook page too). If you strenuously object, and you need my reading lists to be a regular feature of your life or something - tell me that, and I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll post the highlights for my adoring fans.
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Whoa, has anybody else seen the commercials from the Corn Refiners Association touting the glories and benefits of high fructose corn syrup? Wacky.

In other news, I have my first shift at the library all-by-myself tomorrow. Whee. Let's hope the sullen teenagers don't want to venture out in the rain..... :) (The children's department means cute babies and toddlers..... all the way up to sullen teenagers who want to watch movies in the YA room. Oh joy.)

I'm gonna go cut out quilt pieces now. Yeah. Because then I can actually *make* something.
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I wanted to mention that my new job basically means I'm going to start mainlining children's literature (and YA too). You all knew that, right? I've been told that when things are slow, I'm welcome to browse the collection so I can get to know what we have and where it is. But while shelving I found a handful of books I want to read - some old favorites, some new award-winners..... If anybody has recs of something you think I should read, I'm always up for that. But - whee! This part will be *fun*!

And now, some pictures Read more... )


May. 22nd, 2008 01:31 pm
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* Elena is being just dreadful today. I am the mean mean mean mommy who shouts and hisses and wants to slam doors. The little dear has simply *got* to learn that her actions have consequences, and if you yell and scream for X, that means you're damn well not getting X, as far as I'm concerned.

* That said, we did have a minor success this morning. Last week, [livejournal.com profile] galagan had a dentist appointment, and we thought we'd bring Elena along just so she could see what the dentist is all about. Didn't work: we got to the door of the reception area, and she took one look inside and screamed her fool head off. After liberal applications of propaganda books and videos from the library, we tried again (daddy had a cavity and had to go back). She protested again, but [livejournal.com profile] galagan told her there was a cool toy in the waiting area, and she consented to go see. She was willing to play with that, and she eventually approached the hygienist close enough to pick out a new toothbrush, but did not want to go see the cool dentist chair. She did meet the dentist briefly there in the waiting area, and he nicely said hi to her. We all agreed that just getting her that far was a rousing success.

* I had my first volunteer shift at the public library yesterday! Woohoo, shelving books! Dewey! I quite enjoyed it, actually. I brought a cart of new books down to the fiction area, ready to be shelved and they said "Oh, take any that you want. That's one of the perks of working here - we get first dibs." Oh gods, I'm so doomed. :)

* Someone just told me I really need to join ravelry.com - do I? I wish it weren't so yarn-centric - I'd like something more general-crafts. I don't know. Hmmm. Opinions/thoughts?

* I bought some nail polish the other day, because I liked the color and why not? Within just a couple of hours, there were already several chips. After a few days, I look like someone has been chewing on my fingers.... well, even more than usual. It's a mess. Bite me, Sally Hansen - you suck.

* We have a playdate this afternoon, assuming Elena cooperates post-nap, in her already-crabby state. Fortunately, just saying this kid's name is usually enough to get compliance.
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I mentioned a Plan and thinky thoughts the other day. Hmmm.

In short, I am (once again) re-contemplating grad school. Only this time I really think I might really do it. In library science. Marian the Librarian )

I'm still in the early research and planning stages of this. But.... it feels good. I haven't been as excited about something like this in a long time.
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I just got a very very extremely apologetic phone call from the recipient of the nasty letter I had to send, so I feel somewhat..... mollified. Note that I really wasn't upset by the whole thing, but I wanted to make sure they knew that THEY had screwed up, not me. Mission accomplished. Whee! :)

My sister was here and now she is already gone. She has a habit of visiting for less than 24 hours, it seems. Silly. With such limited time, we didn't do much - though last night, after we finished dinner, we agreed we wanted dessert and had nothing good around. So we made cookies. Mmmmm. That was a big highlight.

And Elena went to her drop-off playgroup this morning! She was clingy for about 30 seconds, and then went to look at the water table (she loves those) and totally *ignored* me when I said goodbye. I waited in the hall for a few minutes to make sure she wasn't going to panic and then left. Yay! When I picked her up, they said she was fine. One of the staff members I know said that sometimes the first time is easy - everything's new and exciting - but sometimes the second or third is more difficult. So we'll see how next week goes. This week, I just came back home to talk to my sister some more, but next week I can run errands and stuff. Wow.
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1. My hair is now a ridiculous shade of red not found in nature. In a few days, it will probably fade to something relatively normal.

2. [livejournal.com profile] galagan writes the best nice/nasty business letters in the universe. If you ever need one, I suggest you contact him for his superpower services.

3. When Elena reads "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" she inserts the phrase "good job!" at regular intervals: "On Monday he ate one apple. Good job apple!" and so on. It's pretty funny.

4. My sister is coming to visit this weekend! In typical sisterly fashion, she will be here less than 24 hours, I think.

5. I had a dream early early this morning that involved my famiy's traditional Christmas party and [livejournal.com profile] allthatjazmyne. All I really remember now is that [livejournal.com profile] allthatjazmyne wore head-to-toe red, and looked stunning. :)

6. If I were very wealthy, I'd have a personal assistant just to make phone calls for me. Just so I wouldn't have to.

7. I..... think I might have a Plan. I'm thinking thinky thoughts about future aspirations. But I'm not ready to talk about it yet. Soon.

8. I finally found plane tickets to visit Montana this summer, at a semi-decent price. My mother can stop panicking now.
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Woo-fuckin'-hoo!! I'm done with my Icky Job and don't have to go back ever! Today was only minorly painful.... I tried to keep my clock-watching to a minimum. Funny story: No one really mentioned it much all day. As we're walking out the door at the end of the day, CoWorker A says, "so hey, kcobweb, bye". Everyone else there says, "Yeah, goodbye." CoWorker B says, "Oh, right. **pause** So, everyone have a nice weekend." *eyeroll* Yeah, babe, love ya too! :) Since I don't care, I can just find that funny.

Now I have to can devote all my time to packing and moving.
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Jumping Over Fire by Nahid Rachlin. This book caught my eye from the end of a library shelf. It's the story of an Iranian family (actually, Iranian father who married an American) in Iran during the Shah's last days. As a relatively non-religious family, they are less and less welcome after the Ayatollah Khomeini takes over, and they illegally escape to America. There, the whole family has trouble adapting, with the exception of the daughter, who chafed under the restrictions of life in conservative Iran. A really vivid portrait of Iran, as well as the Iranian experience in America.

In other news, I am working a 5-hour shift by myself at the satellite site today, and I'm BORED. I've done nearly all the tasks I could find; the phone has rung once (our billing department wanting something faxed) and one person has come in (for condoms). I did bring my book, but I feel weird about reading. Even though tomorrow is my last day of work, and it's not like I'd get in trouble. Still. *shrug* Damned Protestant work ethic.

Oh gods, still 3 hours to go. :P
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It's been a big day..... )

Other things making me happy: it's finally going to warm up! 40s and 50s will feel absolutely tropical after recent climes. It's gonna be great!
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Well, if I can't have a snow day, I'm gonna have a sick day. If it were a gorgeous sunny day out, I could maybe wrap my head around the notion of going out; as it is, the weather and my New Cold (barely over the last one) are joining forces to get me to say NO WAY.

The freezing rain all last night certainly didn't help. Little icy "proink"s against the glass *all night* - they made a lot of noise and it was a little hard to sleep.

Okay. Tea, books and blankets. Perhaps soup later.
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I'm having a day of printing out forms (to be filled out) and trying to call credit card companies and navigate computerized menus and stuff. (I finally gave up on the phone, despairing of even getting a *person* and decided to look on the web for a few details - and their website is down. Sheesh.)

In other news, we did get to see [livejournal.com profile] xen_opus this weekend, though far too briefly. E did her usual dance of oh-I'm-too-shy / hey-you're-my-new-best-friend, which is always amusing and good.

And I'm trying to get ready for our trip to Asheville this weekend - yay! I gon't look forward to flying like I used to (23 pounds of wriggle on your lap for a few hours will do that), but once we're there, it should be great!!!! As I have told several people, I'm not sure what to wear.... the service is at an indoor/outdoor chapel, so it could be chilly (looking at the forecast). [livejournal.com profile] galagan will be in a tux (as part of the wedding party) so I don't want to look too schlubby when I'm standing near him. And, of course, I will be toddler-wrangling, so comfort, non-wrinkle-ability, and all those things will be important as well. I don't think I own anything that fits all those categories. Hmmmm. Still pondering. (Ideas and hints welcome!)

The good part is, our trip means I only have to work 2 days this week!!!!

In other news, I finished reading a book: Thank You For Smoking by Christopher Buckley - another satire lent to me by [livejournal.com profile] boylawyer. Very funny, and lots of fun (if tobacco stats can be called "fun").
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Good News: Having driven to Northampton three times in the past 2 weeks, I can report that the most beautiful leaves are in Savoy and Plainfield.
Bad News: I've driven to Northampton three times in the past 2 weeks. And barely gotten to *play* any of those times.

Good News: My training today got out an hour and a half earlier than I thought it would!
Bad News: The drive home was *really* miserable, with periods of very strong winds and driving rain that made it nearly impossible to see at times.

Good News: I think my job is going to turn out okay - enough variety and new things to hold my interest for a while, plus I really like all my co-workers.
Bad News: I still have so much to learn, and I'm not yet out of the overwhelming new-job phase (or anywhere near that point).

Good News: Elena's new words are "zip" and "grapes". Apparently today she said "clock", though I think that was imitative.
Bad News: She is being incredibly crabby these days - it's like I can do Nothing right. Good practice for when I'm the mom of a teenager, I guess. I didn't think we'd have major surliness so soon.

Good News: [livejournal.com profile] xen_opus is coming to visit! Soon! Like, within the hour!
Bad News: It's kind of a dark and stormy night.

Good News: There are plenty more good things.
Bad News: I can't actually remember what they are.
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While I was At Work today, E seems to have learned a new word: Cool. Pronounced "KKkkhhhh - ul." It sounds like she's trying to speak Klingon, actually. :)

Oh yeah, work was fine. First day overwhelmingness, though they didn't expect me to do anything other than watch the chaos unfold observe them. Tomorrow will be a quieter day and I've been promised more actual *information* about everything.

I've also decided that I absolutely definitely need a cell phone (and I've held out for so long!) - for long drives back and forth, plus the ability to easily call my sweetie and see what new words my child has learned since morning. :) Any local recommendations - or warnings?
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Today is my last day as a stay-at-home mom; tomorrow I become a Working Mom (paid work, WOHM, whatever you wanna call it).

I really wanted to enjoy today, but E seems determined to thwart me. She is having a fussy and contrary day. I got her to go down for a nap, and hopefully she'll feel better afterwards.

It's funny - I had such mixed feelings about being a SAHM. It wasn't really my original intent, but that's how the cards played out, and I made the best of it - and was sometimes glad of it too. I liked having free time in between baby-care or toddler-wrangling. I could put in a load of laundry and then sit down and read my book or surf blogs on the internet. I hope I'll still get moments like those.

I suppose this is mostly new-job jitters, and it will all be fine - but it's also a major change in my life.

In other news, I have finished [livejournal.com profile] naominovik's Throne of Jade (Book 2 of the Temeraire series), and have already started in on Book 3 (Black Powder War). I don't have much to say, except that the quality level from Book 1 is maintained and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't think it's too much of a spoiler to say that some of the action took place in China (look at the title, duh) - and the Chinese stuff was all *really* cool, except I was too caught up in getting to the end and finding out what would happen, so I couldn't pay attention to all the cool details and stuff. Yup, I'll be going back and rereading these at some point.


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