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Because I don't think most of you follow America's Next Top Model, I thought I'd alert those of you interested in sexuality and gender issues that spoilers have revealed that one of next season's contestants is transgendered. (The comments there are a mix of WUT and people spouting off and/or pontificating.....) I think this cycle starts September 3rd, or something like that. Of course, Tyra will turn it into a sensationalized mess. But that's later. Anyway.
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There's nothing I wanted to watch on TV tonight, so I've ended up watching early Beverly Hills 90210 - the episode in which Brenda and Dylan first start dating, which is coincidentally the big sex ed episode. The sex ed guest speaker has AIDS, of course - and Brandon is soooo jealous of Brenda and Dylan. ::dies:: I so loved this show. Well, I loved to mock it, but so I watched it faithfully. I had forgotten how psycho-badboy Dylan was. Gods, this is so bad.

We went hiking this morning, which was nice - we really haven't gotten to do too much of that with Elena. We went on the Bellows Pipe trail, which starts out flat and shady. We hiked in for about an hour at toddler's pace, took a small break, and then went back. Elena alternated between walking and being carried on her daddy's shoulders. It was so lovely - lots of small waterfalls and streams crossing the trail. Some beautiful fungi on a tree trunk. (Of course, I forgot my camera.)

I finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. No real commentary, although, like [livejournal.com profile] squirrelhaven, the book and/or characters have definitely been invading my dreams the past few nights. Mostly the re-read just re-affirmed the structure of what I believe is going on - though I'm not gonna make any predictions.
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Today has been some of the most glorious weather EVER, even if it is a little windy.

We just went out for "peetz-da".

Now we're watching Seinfeld reruns (Elena knows who Jerry and George are - I think I'm a little scared).

Life is pretty good.
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Found this link earlier today to Knit the Classics - a groupblog where they read a classic book each month and knit (or crochet or whatever) a project inspired by the book. They are reading Pride and Prejudice this month. Neat idea, even if I don't think I'll be joining in.

I watched the first part of Texas Ranch House last night. (And I see that part two is tonight, so it conflicts with American Idol and House! Oh noes!!!!11!!) Basically historical reality shows were meant for me, and I <3 them. There are a goodly share of irritating people on this one, which makes for good watching. My dad always tells me that he sees reviews for these shows that say that the people were whiny. I hold that the whininess is what makes it watchable. Who wants to see 6 hours of "oh-my-life-is-perfect-I-wish-I-lived-in-1875"??? Hah.

Tonight is [livejournal.com profile] galagan's chorus rehearsal, so it's my TV night anyway. Usually that means AI and House, but tonight I can add TRH to the mix and flip madly back and forth. This would drive him crazy, so it's a good thing he'll be gone. :) Even better, 2 solid hours of television means quilting time!!! I am (still) reinforcing the quilting on an old quilt I made 10 years ago, and I might be able to finish it tonight if I concentrate. Yay. (Then I can go back to my *other* quilting project.... I'm so hopeless.)
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Random thoughts:

*Babies smell so good - but especially after baths.

*The EB's hair is soooo soft after it's been washed.

*She likes baths! This is A Good Thing. Especially considering how many excretory functions there have been issuing from her various orifices.

*Unbelievably gorgeous weather here today.

*I managed to do a load of baby laundry, but I really need to do my own. Everything I am currently wearing has spit-up on it (it was quite a day).

*The Little House series on ABC is managing to be pretty good still, if a tad sensationalized. I've had to quell my inner that's-not-what-happened-in-the-book critic a couple of times. But just a couple.

*Funniest political rumor I've seen in a long time: that new Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is contemplating a Presidential run in 2008. My first thought was "oh please". Um, people? This is a podunk state, especially in political terms. Presidents don't *come* from podunk states. They come from big electoral-heavy states like Texas or California, or from the South. (There are two famous politicians from Montana - Jeanette Rankin and Mike Mansfield - both of whom predate the modern media era.)
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I got to revisit one of my major childhood obsessions last night.

As a young child in Idaho (where we lived from the time I was 4 years old until I was 8), I was fascinated by pioneers. The Little House series was central to this fascination. I got the complete set of all 10 books when I was 5 or 6 and quickly read them all to shreds and committed them to memory. A few years later, the TV series started, and I was really into that too. I have a very clear memory of watching that show early on, and saying "That's not what *really* happened in the book." Clearly I was a literary snob - and a literalist - from a very very early age. But we never missed an episode of that show. I identified very strongly with Laura - I remember a few times people telling me I looked like Melissa Gilbert as Laura: I had long brown hair and buck teeth and there was definitely a passing resemblance. And I loved that.

So last night, ABC showed the first of a 5-part series they are doing, specifically of events from Little House on the Prairie (as opposed to the other books). And this is the series I would have loved to watch when I was 7 - totally true to the books. Halfway through last night's episode, I got out my copy of the book, and they were definitely sticking to it. As some of the reviews said, this is definitely darker and grittier than the original show (which is so cloying and cheezy it makes my teeth hurt to watch now). It was great. [livejournal.com profile] galagan never read the books, or saw the original series, so he's a Little House virgin, basically - and he was regularly on the edge of his seat.

My sister already emailed me with her thoughts about the show, and my father mentioned that he watched it too. I haven't yet talked to my mother today, but she was planning on watching it too. I think I was the one to initially love these books, but clearly my obsession got passed along to the rest of my family in the process. Which makes me happy too.

Some day I'm going to visit some of the sites - De Smet, South Dakota, and Pepin, Wisconsin, and Walnut Grove, Minnesota, and outside of Independence, Kansas. These places were so vivid to me as a child - and I still want to see them for myself. These books were absolutely central to my childhood, and to my early sense of history and of the American West.

I also had the wonderful realization that we get to start introducing these books to the girly in a few years - add it to the list!
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Oh! Yes! I almost forgot!

I had such a blissful evening last night, and plan to continue that tonight and tomorrow. I watched the first two hours of PBS' 6-hour Broadway documentary. The first two hours covered the early years - up to about 1929, so it was fascinating, because I know so little about that period. Minstrel shows and blackface perfomers, the Ziegfeld Follies, the show girls, Showboat, Irving Berlin and Al Jolson. Waaaay too much fun.

The clip-heavy intro was cutting between many bits of songs and clips from lots and lots o' classic musicals - and they started to show part of Rent (525,600 minutes...), and then panned over to show Jesse L. Martin (now of Law and Order fame) singing. Okay, Jesse Martin, yum. Jesse Martin singing? Double-triple-yum. To die for. I believe the fangirl term is squee. :)

So - if you haven't been watching, um, you definitely should. It's very well done. Tonight features The Golden Age of Musicals - 1930s-1950s/1960. Tomorrow is the 60s up to the present. Check your local listings, blah blah blah.
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Don't wanna work! I'm doing a little online seminar thingy (preparatory for the September Chicago trip) - and it's either mind-numbingly boring, or going off in directions I'm not really interested in. Humph. I decided a little break was in order - I'm going cross-eyed.

It was a pretty good weekend. Friday night I sat at our table at the fair - only had one guy come up and scream at me (he also waved his 1-year-old child in my face; he also professed to be a Christian, at which I really had to bite my tongue and not say: "yes, the Christian thing to do is to scream and harass people you don't agree with."). Otherwise it was fun - lots of people go to the fair on opening night, so I saw plenty of people I know (and had to tell the lightning story a handful of times).

Saturday I slept in and then watched Olympics most of the day. We were fascinated by the synchronized diving, and very quickly became critics (look! her arms were at a different angle! They should get a deduction for that.).

Sunday we had a memorial service here in Billings for my friend who was killed by the lightning. My sister sang (and [livejournal.com profile] galagan and our roommate sang with her on one piece), and that was all lovely. I'm very glad I did not sing or speak - it allowed me to just cry and not worry about performance of any kind. And it was a lovely service. (Someone read a Maori version of the Lord's Prayer that was just the coolest thing ever!) Afterwards, we congregated at our house, and the guys cooked up an enormous Indian feast (mmmm, samosas!). Her father and stepmother were in town from ND, and also her best college friend up from Boulder (who used to live in Billings), plus a collection of other friends - and we all hung out and traded stories. It was wonderful, actually.

And now.... back to work. *sigh* Except! It's lunchtime! Huzzah! :)


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