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Me: Shouldn't they call it Bad Friday instead of Good Friday?
D: Well, it's good because there's good stuff coming - you have to die to rise again.
Me: But you don't know that *today*. It's Good Sunday, but Bad Friday.

*Every* year. We're so predictable. (BTW - I've had this theory since I was 10. I have a calendar from 1983 on which I crossed out Good and wrote Bad for the appropriate holiday.)


In other news - yay for Freecycle! Also (not Freecycle) we now have a microwave and a kitchen garbage can and all kinds of good things. And Elena has a "poggy cher", which she has been talking about for several weeks already.

She also got Easter candy, so she's been chanting "eggy! chunk eggy!" over and over.

And just now she said "got com" (in other words, dot com). She repeats *everything* these days.
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My sister was here last week, and so we mostly focused on hanging out. Now that she's gone, there are all these things to do. Never mind that I don't live here anymore - I have errands and stuff!

My mom needs a sexy gag gift for a friend, so last night we stopped in at Spencer's Gifts, which is the cheezy goth/teen-inhabited gift store at the mall. If Mom hadn't been with me, *I* would have been the oldest person in the store. We found our way back to the selection of erotic gifts and stood there debating, and it took a few minutes for the clerks to come help us. I suspect they were standing back saying "OMG, WTF? *you* go wait on them." "No, *you* go." (They were very nice and helpful, though.) Hee, who else here has gone shopping for edible chocolate body paint with mom and toddler in tow?


My dad brought over a huge box of old family photos for me to sort - he knows I like doing these things, and besides, I'm on vacation and need a project, right? I have photos from the late 19th century (probably - those are mostly undated) through to the early 60s (my dad's college years). I sorted them into decades, and now I'm organizing each decade's pile. I'll need Dad's help for labeling some of the long-dead distant uncles and whatnot. Also in the box: a copy of the eulogy for my great-great-grandfather, and a bereavement proclamation thingy from his B'nai Brith Lodge upon the occasion of his death. Wedding invitations to my grandparents' wedding. Wedding invitations to both my great-grandparents' weddings, plus oither materials from one wedding in March 1917: a thin booklet of songs to sing at the reception (with names Dave and Sylvia inserted where appropriate) and the menu from the same wedding.

Menu under the cut )

Yes, that is the side of the family that had money.


In other news, we have been invited to a birthday party on Saturday - any ideas what I should get for a 5-year-old girl?? (I don't really know her well, but her mom and I were co-workers and good buddies.)
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I'm really posting this for [livejournal.com profile] galagan's benefit. All you need to know is that it's aimed at the people in the apartment above us.

[Poll #734542]
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I'm cleaning out my work email. This was too good to delete. Enjoy!

Shakespearean Hokey-Pokey )
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Can I just say that I adore the automated/computerized phone calls one gets from the library? The computer voice (which says my name, the title of the book being held, and where to pick up the book) cracks me up every single time.

I mean, I understand that they have trouble pronouncing my name. When they have trouble with the name of the library, it just sends me over the edge.

In Seattle, the voice always had trouble with the words "Seattle Public Library". We loved it.

Baby Names

Sep. 21st, 2004 10:32 am
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I was reading this site last night, and laughed so hard that I almost stopped breathing, I think:


This woman is so evil. In a very very good way.

Of course, it's only helpful in the what-NOT-to-name-your-baby category.
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This just insinuated itself into my brain, and I felt compelled to share.

When I was in high school chorus, small groups would put themselves together and learn a piece for District Music Festival. Usually, we'd come up with a clever punny name for ourselves, sing the song at District, hope for a "1" so we could go to State and sing it there too. The groups never lasted any longer than that; the competitions were the main focus.

So one year, we went in, and when it was our turn to start, our alto introduced us in a very excited tone of voice: "Hi, we're Keyed Up!" The judge just looked up, and said drily, "Yes, you certainly are."

That's it. That's my whole story. :)
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What a weird day.

As an example of the ineffable weirdosity of the day, let me just tell you that my boss spent a decent amount of time today (off and on) trying to play songs on her water bottle. You know, you blow across the top, and the resultant tone depends on the level of liquid inside. Of course, you only get one tone per bottle. So, then she'd say "Okay, can you guess what song this is?" and start blowing, and you just had to pay attention to the rhythm.

Yeah, my boss is sometimes kinda crazy. Makes it fun around here.

But it was comforting to know that I wasn't the only one who didn't wanna work. :)

We got a package in the mail today of all these materials encouraging voter registration - in Spanish and English. All of which refer the person to a website - which is, of course, only in *English*. So we're composing a letter on the uselessness and utter waste of Spanish-language materials that point one only to an English site. Ha.

Yeah, I'm definitely ready to go home.


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