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[livejournal.com profile] galagan and I had a conversation the other night in which he said that he thought the function (or one of the functions) of Sarah Palin was to distract the Democrats from the real issues – and she has succeeded very well on that front. Look! She has a pregnant daughter! Her husband had a DUI 22 years ago! She is a secessionist!

So I want to return to the issues at hand, because I don’t want to waste any more of the 60-odd days before the election. And what I most want to talk about right now is abstinence – not because Palin’s daughter is pregnant, but because (even before that particular story broke) that is an issue for which she has positioned herself as a hardliner. Literally the first thing I heard about Sarah Palin was that she was an anti-choice, pro-abstinence woman.

Abstinence is only 100% effective if it’s used 100% of the time. )


May. 22nd, 2008 01:31 pm
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* Elena is being just dreadful today. I am the mean mean mean mommy who shouts and hisses and wants to slam doors. The little dear has simply *got* to learn that her actions have consequences, and if you yell and scream for X, that means you're damn well not getting X, as far as I'm concerned.

* That said, we did have a minor success this morning. Last week, [livejournal.com profile] galagan had a dentist appointment, and we thought we'd bring Elena along just so she could see what the dentist is all about. Didn't work: we got to the door of the reception area, and she took one look inside and screamed her fool head off. After liberal applications of propaganda books and videos from the library, we tried again (daddy had a cavity and had to go back). She protested again, but [livejournal.com profile] galagan told her there was a cool toy in the waiting area, and she consented to go see. She was willing to play with that, and she eventually approached the hygienist close enough to pick out a new toothbrush, but did not want to go see the cool dentist chair. She did meet the dentist briefly there in the waiting area, and he nicely said hi to her. We all agreed that just getting her that far was a rousing success.

* I had my first volunteer shift at the public library yesterday! Woohoo, shelving books! Dewey! I quite enjoyed it, actually. I brought a cart of new books down to the fiction area, ready to be shelved and they said "Oh, take any that you want. That's one of the perks of working here - we get first dibs." Oh gods, I'm so doomed. :)

* Someone just told me I really need to join ravelry.com - do I? I wish it weren't so yarn-centric - I'd like something more general-crafts. I don't know. Hmmm. Opinions/thoughts?

* I bought some nail polish the other day, because I liked the color and why not? Within just a couple of hours, there were already several chips. After a few days, I look like someone has been chewing on my fingers.... well, even more than usual. It's a mess. Bite me, Sally Hansen - you suck.

* We have a playdate this afternoon, assuming Elena cooperates post-nap, in her already-crabby state. Fortunately, just saying this kid's name is usually enough to get compliance.


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