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Our opera rehearsals are go late into the evenings - and they seriously mess with the EB's sleeping schedule. (Fortunately, it's not every single night.) The past few times she has slept in my mother's lap from about 7:30 till just after 10, when we take her home, and then is up and wired for at least an hour before we can get her to fall back asleep. This after we've been on our feet at a long rehearsal.... Last night she did NOT want to fall asleep, and got progressively fussier until she was full-blown screaming, and nothing could console her. I finally decided she was having some teething pain, and gave her some Tylenol, and she zonked out at midnight. The good news is, she zonks for a solid 8 hours (for one stretch of the night), so she slept straight through till 8 this morning. Tonight she got to bed much earlier ('cause, well, we're home and not out gallivanting) - I predict a wake-up call at 3:30 or 4:00 a.m. We'll see.

She was also rather fussy all day today, which is unlike her. I keep checking for visible signs of teeth (has one popped through in the last hour??), but so far no dice (or, well, teeth).

Our guest conductor for the opera has arrived in town. He introduced himself the other night and then said "I tend to take a pre-war view of Traviata." *pause* "Which means my tempos are a little faster than what you usually hear." Our rehearsal pianist (who is amazing) was moaning and groaning; the chorus was just ded from lack of breathing. Geez Louise. Never mind spitting out all that Italian - my priority is oxygen.

I have finished frogging the sweater I bought at Goodwill, and I've started crocheting the yarn into .... the inevitable, a blanket. I'm working it as one big ol' granny square, because I wanted something that was worked in rounds, since it's sort of an unknown quantity of yarn. (I'm too lazy to do real skeins - I just rolled it into balls.) Very pleasing.

I also worked tonight on putting some quilting onto the first fullsize quilt I ever did - I made this when I was [livejournal.com profile] sanj's roommate in Boston 10 years ago. ([livejournal.com profile] sanj, there are some fabric contributions you gave me in there!) As my first quilt, it wasn't very well done, and after 10 years of use on our bed, it's getting raggedy. I thought some additional quilting would reinforce it so it doesn't fall to pieces.

[livejournal.com profile] rivka recently posted about baby brain (or mommy brain, if you prefer to call it that). I'm definitely suffering from that. I have lots of ideas of things I want to say here, and then I open up the little window for posting an entry and my mind goes blank. I'll think of all kinds of funny, interesting, and exciting things about an hour after this is posted. Yup.
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The EB is in a phase right now - Daddy knows best. When she wakes at night and I go to her, she is often inconsolable and screams harder - until [livejournal.com profile] galagan gets up (thanks to piercing screams that could raise the dead!) and he takes her and she quiets down almost right away. If it weren't for having breasts, I'd be almost completely superfluous. (Not that I mind, especially, except it's a tough burden on him. And - like everything else in parenting - this too shall pass.)

She has a bit of a cold now, though she hasn't really been around people so I don't know where the germs are from. (She's been sneaking out of the house at midnight again to go party?) Last night she was all stuffed up and today she had a runny nose. And there were a few extra emotional meltdowns. Hopefully it won't get too much worse than that.

We had several opera rehearsals this weekend. I must say, I'm very excited because we will get to wear hoopskirts for the show!! I've always wanted to. [livejournal.com profile] galagan and I are actually paired up onstage, which is fun (and new for us!), because they wanted to put first sopranos and first tenors together (our parts mirror each other much of the time). So we get to fake-chitchat with each other, which is easy, plus I can whisper snarky things to him.
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It's been a good weekend. Friday night, [livejournal.com profile] galagan had to be at the theater (working backstage at the opera), so I curled up with the EB, some cookie dough, and a videotape of La Boheme which my dad lent me. It was the Australian Opera production from a few years ago, and was really fun - great staging technically, terrific use of color (in the costumes and whatnot), etc. I enjoyed the music too - Puccini has a great way of intertwining vocal lines which you don't hear much in opera (in my experience, most operas let each character be a diva and always sing solo - so hearing the voices working together is a special treat). And Rodolfo has some great parts - but then I've always been a sucker for a good tenor. :) But the story is stoopid stoopid stoopid. Why is it that most of the canonically great operas have such moronic plotlines? Can't a person write great music for a decent story? Sheesh. Also interesting about this to me is that I think Rent is better (or at least, I like it better) - IMO, usually the derivative work loses something in the "translation" process and is secondary to the original, but in this case, I'll take Rent over Boheme any day. The characters are better developed and more three-dimensional, and the plot is more realistic and therefore it all hangs together better.

Anyway - probably none of you care much about opera.

Yesterday was [livejournal.com profile] galagan's birthday, so I baked him a cake. In the afternoon we went out to one of the city's natural parks, down along the river. It was a gorgeous day, there were kayakers out on the river, and tons of people walking their dogs and feeding the ducks and all those kinds of things. The EB mostly slept in her carrier - but it was great for us to get out. Last night, my mom babysat and we went to a very nice restaurant for a lovely dinner. I had a glass of wine - it had been so long! I'm not much of a drinker at the best of times, but not having any alcohol for nearly a year means that I really appreciated that glass last night! We had very yummy dinner (tuna for him, beef for me, mmmmm), and then went back to Mom's to watch the last of the second NCAA game. (Poor Michigan!)

Today [livejournal.com profile] galagan goes back to the theater shortly, and my mom is coming over and we will take the EB for a walk - it's supposed to hit near 70 degrees today! Woohoo!!
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Went to the opera last night with my mom ([livejournal.com profile] galagan was in the chorus). It was... just okay. I am really a traditionalist, musically speaking, and prefer things like melodies to my music - this seemed to be *hours* of recitative with Very Few Arias. Hmmm. Just not my thing. The Very Slow Plot was a Dracula knockoff, and they could have done lots more with this, IMO, and the characters were not very likeable. (Dracula was supposedly a sympathetic villain, but I didn't feel any of that; the male lead was a dweeb/dork; the female lead was a total whack-job - or just your standard garden-variety really irritating Victorian hysteric with a morbid streak.) Some of the voices were very good, though - Dracula (a baritone) and Dork-Boy (tenor) were both lovely.

Anyway, I was miserable throughout the opera - my back was a tad achy-sore yesterday, and the true pain decided to kick in about the time the curtain went up for Act 1. I'm sure the guy next to me thought I was rude and squirmy, but I just couldn't get comfortable in my seat.

We slept in today very late, went for lunch - and I came home and got back in bed. A heating pad, magazines, and books kept me company for the afternoon, along with the last of a box of Girl Scout cookies. I also started requilting my crazy quilt on my bed - it will take a while. It's definitely a good day to be curled up in bed with a flannel-lined quilt on one's lap.

I'm still not feeling the Electric Baby move - beyond the occasional vague flutter which makes me go "was that it? or was that something else?" ("something else" generally translates as "gas"). But [livejournal.com profile] galagan suggested my back is so sore in this one spot (just below my right shoulder-blade; such an odd spot to hurt) because EB is kicking there. Hmmm, could be. :) I wish she'd switch to some other tender area for a while.
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I have been goofing off a lot for the past few days, so I'm being busily productive tonight. Doing lots of financial gunk - setting up online access to one company, transferring a few things, shooting off emails to someone asking for advice. I'm also going to clean up some things on this computer.

It's hot, but almost pleasantly so. I'm wearing a tank top, so I can see a temporary tattoo on my shoulder out of the corner of my eye regularly - when you're not used to having colors right on your skin where you can see them, it's rather startling, each and every time. The tattoo says "Nosferatu", and is advertising the world premiere of the opera that will be in Billings in October. Woowoo. I know all you musical fans out there won't want to miss this, and are scanning the Internet at this moment for your plane tickets here for this exciting event.

Aren't you?

I read a good book. Mister Posterior and the Genius Child, by Emily Jenkins. Told largely from the perspective of an eight-year-old girl, in Cambridge (MA) in 1970. There are a few moments of intrusion by the adult flashback narrator, but overall I think it's a lovely wonderful narrative voice that really captures what it's like to be *eight*. It's also damn funny. If I remembered the 70s, I'd probably have to say something about how it evokes the era so perfectly (that's what all the back cover blurbs say, anyway) - but I was in my own childhood bubble of a world during the latter 70s (which is the only part I'd really remember, I suppose) - so I can't comment on that. Anyway. Read it. Really.
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Well, the opera is over.... I still have a few relations in town, though they all (including my sister) leave tomorrow. I was a good little stage hand, and did all my duties properly. The shows went well, and my sister was pleased. Any time this weekend we were not at the theater, we were at my mother's house en masse, eating and playing dominos (ah, Mexican Train Wreck - fun game!). And there was a brief shopping expedition to Goodwill and a consignment shop, where my sister went nuts on a buying spree.

And a delightful dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday. There were 9 of us at dinner at a very nice restaurant in town, and we were raucous and noisy and inappropriate, and I haven't laughed so much in a long time. My aunt had a New Yorker cartoon she didn't get and had been carrying around for weeks showing to people, so we got in a big discussion about that (showed it to our waiter too, and had him weigh in). My mother, stepmother and aunt all got in a discussion about menopause and hormones, and when my step-mother made a comment about taking hormones was necessary so she didn't kill someone, a woman at the next table over let out a whoop of laughter - and then joined the conversation with us. (My dad then thought the perfect male response was to start discussing prostate exams, though that didn't really go anywhere.) I had a New York steak that was covered in melty Maytag blue cheese and quite lovely (though it could have been just a touch rarer) and really divine mashed potatoes.

And now I've got various tunes from the opera stuck in my head. It's probably a good thing that my office-mate doesn't work Mondays, because I'd be driving her crazy today. :)
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It was an opera weekend for me. Saturday I went to rehearsal and watched the run-through. Sunday I helped move the sets into the theater - okay, mostly I stood around and watched, because I'm not exactly known for my brawn or for being especially adept with tools. (It's a cool set, especially the witch's candy cottage.) From Wednesday on, it will be all opera all the time (at least, whenever I'm not at work), through the weekend. I'm soooo glad I'm not in this show, and only working backstage. #1, Hansel and Gretel is a really cheesy kiddie show - as my father would say, we're at risk here for diabetic shock! (Insulin shock? Whatever.) #2, too many politics.... This is a tiny wee opera company that is completely insignificant in the grand scheme of things, so of course, matters get very heated - I'm always reminded of the Henry Kissinger quote: "University politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small." Yup - totally applies here.

In fact, I need to call my father and find out what he knows on the latest political/opera mess.....

As if the opera weren't enough, we have relatives coming to see it - so we get the relatives-in-town chaos. My grandmother will be here, plus an aunt and uncle (perhaps my favorite aunt and uncle really, so that's cool). So they will need/desire entertaining during their stay.... Thankfully, no one is staying with us (we have nowhere to put them anyway) - so my house remains a parent-free (and relative-free) zone. This is very key.


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