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We had a housewarming party yesterday - as a result, we are pretty much unpacked, cleaned up, and be-artified (i.e. art is hung on the walls)! This process would have taken us, oh *years* otherwise, so this is very exciting. And exactly the incentive I hoped a party would provide.

My mom was here all week (she left this morning). It was a quiet week mostly - she got a nasty cold and napped on the couch for 3 days straight. But it was nice to have her here, and she definitely helped a lot with the aforementioned cleaning process, plus toddler-wrangling.

Elena is.... 2. Man, is she ever being 2 years old this week. This morning in Target she threw a series of complete fits. Just now, before I started typing, she was asking for chocolate chips, and when I said no, started literally pounding the floor with her fists while screaming.

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Still pretty cute, despite the tantrums and the emergence of stronger opinions than ever. I still think I'll keep her.
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After feeling yucky all day yesterday (minor GI stuff - nothing too serious apparently), I feel human today - no, scratch that, I feel FABULOUS. My stomach isn't cramping, I can sit upright, and the sky is blue and the sun is shining. It's spring!!!

When I went out to run errands, I think everyone was outside - walking the dog, or with their strollers, or hanging out on the front porch talking..... Elena even got a chance to play on her tricycle outside! She doesn't understand the general principle of pedaling, so she mostly sits on it and turns the handlebars, and lets us push her. I'm sure we'll get some pics of that soon.

I have bare feet on (it's time to paint the toes! what color should they be?), and the doors are open to let air come in through the screens. For the first time, we can really hear the racket coming from frogs and ducks and .... assorted birds, I suppose in the swampy area behind our house.

My mother is coming in for a week's visit tomorrow night. (Tax season just ended, so she can take vacation.) Have to think about means of entertaining her. After she leaves, my dad and his wife come for a few days. I'm not completely done unpacking the last few boxes, but I expect Mom will help some - either by unpacking things, or by playing with E while I do stuff.

Elena is talking constantly, and the amazing thing is that we can *finally* usually understand her. The other day she found a mini-dictionary (about 2 inches square) which I've had for years. She's been carrying it around, saying "I can read a book!" very clearly, over and over. See that? That's an *article* before the object. Yup, wow.
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Bet Me, by Jennifer Crusie - is there anyone who doesn't love Jennifer Crusie? I think she's fabulous - a perfect fluffy book for when this day/week/month has been kicking your ass, and you just need to curl up on the couch with a good book that won't be a struggle. Especially if you're like me and have a Thing for Witty Banter. This is totally typical Crusie - which means slightly predictable, but a heck of a lotta fun along the way.

In other news, people should get a hold of the May 2007 issue of The Atlantic, which has a fascinating article on sexuality and sexual orientation in Saudi Arabia called "The Kingdom in the Closet". Really really good. (The same issue also has an article on internet-assisted group suicide in Japan, what role - if any - Bill Clinton might play in the 2008 election and a possible Clintonian White House, and a review by Caitlin Flanagan (which mostly did not leave me screaming like her writing usually does) of a book on abortion and a book on adoption that I recently read. This review has a couple of great lines: "A thousand arguments about the beginning of human life will never appeal to me as powerfully as a terrified pregnant girl desperate for a bit of compassion," and a riff on an Jerry Seinfeld joke about bloodstains, saying that only men would think that having bloodstains on you mean you've killed someone; whereas women know otherwise: "Bloodstains occur and recur in households because women spend a lot of their lives bleeding.") Your library probably has this issue - so go check it out.

In other news, we just discovered that a neighbor of ours is a Level 3 Sex Offender. That means dangerous and liable to re-offend. Lovely.
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Me: Shouldn't they call it Bad Friday instead of Good Friday?
D: Well, it's good because there's good stuff coming - you have to die to rise again.
Me: But you don't know that *today*. It's Good Sunday, but Bad Friday.

*Every* year. We're so predictable. (BTW - I've had this theory since I was 10. I have a calendar from 1983 on which I crossed out Good and wrote Bad for the appropriate holiday.)


In other news - yay for Freecycle! Also (not Freecycle) we now have a microwave and a kitchen garbage can and all kinds of good things. And Elena has a "poggy cher", which she has been talking about for several weeks already.

She also got Easter candy, so she's been chanting "eggy! chunk eggy!" over and over.

And just now she said "got com" (in other words, dot com). She repeats *everything* these days.
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We are in! We have furniture and appliances and some of these are even usable and in working order and not blocked by piles of boxes! As of this morning, we have TV and internets, which is happiness. We have a mostly-functional kitchen and there's even food in the house. I am doing laundry, which did *not* involve carrying a full laundry basket down rickety narrow stairs into a dark spidery basement.

Elena is mostly weathering the changes okay, though she's had a whiny couple of days. The first night it took a long time to get her to go to sleep in her new room; last night was a bit better. She has yet to take a nap here, but we'll see how today goes. She is loving the chance to run run run around the place, though the floors are more slippery than she is used to.

In short, yay!

(Everyone go wish [livejournal.com profile] galagan a happy birthday!|)
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We've had a [livejournal.com profile] sanj visitation! She even got to tour the new house (the first person to do so, really), and gave my wardrobe a quick scan (well, just what was hanging in the closet). And..... we get her back on Monday too.

We went out for dinner tonight (we are moving in less than 2 days. There is NO food in the house. It's dire. But I categorically refuse to bring anything into this house that I will have to carry out again. That includes packaging.), and Elena ate tons of salsa, while barely blinking an eye. It wasn't hugely spicy - this is Massachusetts, after all - but I was still impressed.

So yes, with the moving. I am having trouble measuring our progress, but I guess we're doing okay. It will all get done. And I rather like the unpacking part - finding new spots for things to live, and all that. So I'm looking forward to that.

I should be packing now, but I'm So. Tired. I think I'll go to bed instead, and see if being a functional upright person tomorrow helps with productivity levels. I sorta suspect it might.

A propos of nothing - are you (that is, the collective you) familiar with Neil Gaiman's story "The Problem of Susan"? About Susan Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia. I found it online here, and it's quite fascinating. I should add that as a non-Christian child, the allegory of Narnia went straight over my head by a million miles, and so I didn't get that Susan's love for lipstick and nylons meant that she was going to hell, or that there was no room for a sexualized (or pubertal?) woman in heaven, or whatever it is I'm supposed to have gotten from that. Like, I still always forget that it's supposed to be an allegory - usually to me, it's just a cool children's book series in which occasionally characters spout off things that don't make sense in context. So I read these things now, and the lightbulb goes on. 25 years later. Yup.

I'm feeling rather too parenthetical and tangential to make any sense tonight. So it's off to bed. If I don't post tomorrow, I'll, um, see you on the other side (i.e. once we have internets in the New! House! Whee!).

Bed. Yes. Thud.
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We are getting a truck on Saturday to move furniture, and would love help if anyone is available, starting about 10:30 or 11 a.m. for a few hours. If moving heavy stuff isn't your thing, you could always come help with toddler-wrangling. I should point out that most of our stuff is not all that *heavy* - though there are some awkwardly large items, some of which will be interesting to get down stairs and out of the house. :) We will feed you pizza (your pick of type and purveyor thereof). Email me at kcobweb at livejournal for details, if you need 'em.
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We went across the state line to Vermont and bought a couch and chair for our new house!! They will be delivered Wednesday. I was despairing that we'd never find anything we liked, or if we did, it would cost milllllyuns of dollars. These are comfy, and a nice color. I pointed out to [livejournal.com profile] galagan that if we didn't buy them on the spot, they would disappear and then we'd really be doooooomed. Elena had a blast playing with the in-store dog, a huge German Shepherd taller than her. Yay furniture for the house! We won't be sitting on the floor!

In other amusing news, the local free weekly has a small article about the oldest person in town being awarded a plaque. It goes on to say: "Zaloga, who was born April 21, 1903, couldn't recall how old she was when asked but doubted it was 103. 'If I was 103, I'd be in bed,' she said." I think that's so funny, in a charming way. [livejournal.com profile] galagan thinks I'm crazy.

The moving proceeds. It's a bit-by-bit, trickly process.
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The Perfect Rake by Anne Gracie. This is perfect for lovers of Georgette Heyer who don't mind just a tad more sex and violence in their reading. The plot is a trifle obvious and predictable, but the clever, witty banter makes up for it. I laughed out loud in several places. First of a series - and I'll be reading the rest.

I should be packing.... except my wrist is bothering me and I have a nasty headache. Any excuse will do - but I should get back to work.
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One of the benefits of packing is that I handle all of my books, and get to see what's still on my shelves that I haven't read yet. (When we were packing in LA, I read Sister Carrie.) This time, I picked The Epic of Gilgamesh to read, in part probably because it's really rather a small book, and so why not? My book is *very* small, and still the introduction takes up half the book. I did read most of the intro, because it had a lot of good information not explained elsewhere, like the Sumerian pantheon of gods and goddesses. (I knew Ishtar, but none of the others.) Anyway - very interesting reading and very quick. Enkidu! Utnapishtim! Flood stories!

Now I just have to get around to reading Beowulf one of these days. (Bad English major!)
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All fannish types of various persuasions should go check out [livejournal.com profile] doll_shop for teh cutest dolls evar, including various Austen characters, House and Cameron, Wimsey and Vane, Doctor Who, Snape..... This chick is awesome, *and* she takes orders!!! :)

(I do NOT. Need. an Elizabeth Bennet doll. Or the Wimsey/Vane pair. But, oh the cuteness!)

I remembered a small addendum to my second-birthday post. We've been trying to teach Elena her full name, and if you ask her, she will say "Eh-LEHN. Ta-hop ta-hop. CAP. *pause* winger."

Her middle name is Katherine. Not Ta-hop Ta-hop.

She also counts her toes. Yesterday she apparently had 11, but today it's back to 10.

I'm starting to get out some boxes and pack stuff. Just now was the craft stuff - yarn, fabric, etc. Do you have *any* idea how many old jeans, T-shirts, and clothes I have cut up, the pieces just sitting there waiting for some magic project to turn them into something interesting and/or useful? No wonder I have to quit my job - I need all my time to wade through all this crap I've saved. I'm just incapable of throwing this stuff away. Sheesh.
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It's been a big day..... )

Other things making me happy: it's finally going to warm up! 40s and 50s will feel absolutely tropical after recent climes. It's gonna be great!
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The Pleasure of My Company, by Steve Martin. [livejournal.com profile] galagan picked this up at the library, and when he finished, I started it. It's short - a novella really - and goes quite quickly. About a guy so neurotic he can barely leave his apartment, and his attempts to overcome those difficulties to make connections with the outside world. I read Shopgirl a couple of years ago, and I definitely liked this better, though I found the ending to be rushed and a little too pat.

In other news, we did a walk through of the new place, which is very exciting, and starting to seem *real*. Every time we go to the house, it seems just a little smaller than we (both) remember it - once we get furniture in it, that will be even more so, I suppose. Some day, the walls will just close in upon us..... No, really - I think my mental image of the house is of *HY-UGE* rooms, and they are really more just average-sized. So every time I walk in the door, it's a mental adjustment. That's okay - we'll get used to it. (In some ways, it's a big house for just the 3 of us - so the fact that it's not as big as I sometimes think? isn't entirely a bad thing.) And - eeeeee! House!!!!
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So, in case you missed [livejournal.com profile] galagan's post (it was locked), we have a (commitment to a) house!! We bid, they counter-offered us, and we countered that, and they took it!!! It's so very exciting, and still a little overwhelming too. :) Key points: a GARAGE, dishwasher, guest room, deck, mountain views, over an acre of land (with neighbors on two sides, and nobody on the other sides of us). We'll close in March - which seems very far off, and then immediately near.

In other news, we have a stubborn tantrum-y child, which is incredibly frustrating. She won't do *anything* this week without a fight. Going to Montana for Christmas might unsettle her even more - though she'll have extra doting from Grandma and others, so maybe that will make up for it.

And I only have two more workdays, and then we go to Montana next Monday!!! Eeeep.
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So, we've been house-hunting, and kicked it up into a higher gear these past few weeks. Yesterday, we went and took a second look at two places. I think we have a favorite - just a few blocks from our current rental abode. I think we're going to start *doing* things, like mortgage-y, offer-y, buying-y things. Eeeep.

That's far too scary and tentative to think about now, though. Must distract myself.

Elena at 21 months )
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We are, verily, online. We're both sitting here in the "office" typing away madly and frantically. Ohhhh, how I've missed you all.

Nothing much to report, aside from the brilliant wonderfulness of having internet (and cable TV too!) at last. Elena is a full-fledged toddler with *Moods*, though she does well enough in public to get by. Most of her public thinks she's adorable, at any rate, which means she's got 'em all snowed. Good girl. My sister was here for about 18 hours Friday/Saturday, and it was great to see her (and realize that we're mostly within reach of each other, at least for the half year she's in New York). We went to a great party - yay! We both got our driver's licenses, and think we've gotten the whole garbage thing sorted out (don't even ask). In short, things are finally settling down and we are settling in, and that's just plain good.

Life is happy.

More as events warrant.

p.s. Note to self: I need to do a book post and a picture post.
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I'm here. I have no phone, no internet, and no TV, and it's been - what? 100,000 million degrees outside with humidity? Just my luck to arrive in time for the heat wave.

Seriously, we're good. It's wonderful to be here. We went out to eat last night (we being my dad, E and I) and ran into , who joined us - and then [livejournal.com profile] eeblet and [livejournal.com profile] winterborne came by and said hi. Seeing *people* makes it suddenly all more real.

Anyway - my dad is here till Saturday afternoon. The phone should be turned on Monday. [livejournal.com profile] galagan should be getting here - probably Mondayish. On that day, it will be 5 weeks since we've seen each other. (I miss him lots.)

Anyway. If anything is happening that you want me to know about, email me, and I'll read that eventually. :)
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Okey-dokey then. It's time to move on out!!

The current plan is for my dad and I (with Elena) to drive away in the morning (i.e. Wednesday). It is about 2200 miles from here, and our goal is about 400 or so miles a day - so it should be about 5 or 6 days. Or so. We're in no hurry, and I think we're going to try to enjoy ourselves (as much as is possible). So, I should be arriving at the new homestead Sunday or Monday. I may have spotty email access along the way - otherwise, I'll see you all in August, when I'll be checking in from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Signing off.
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A brief update:

All the Skies of Pern by Anne McCaffrey: D-

Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter: C-/D+

(I need to find me some better books to read.)

I got to meet up with an old friend - someone I've known since 8th grade chorus, when we were mocked and taunted by all the stoner girls in the class. She happens to be visiting here this week, and has two adorable children. We took them all wading at the wading pool.

Today I get to have lunch with [livejournal.com profile] allthatjazmyne.

Tomorrow I get to see my old house and what's been done to it thus far and have lunch with the owner (our old roommate / someone I've known since we were teenagers).

Wednesday - the next day - I get in the car and start driving. I'm ready, actually - I'm more than ready to get there and get settled and unpack all my Stuff. I've been in limbo too long.

Elena has been having a crabby couple of days. Right now, she's crying because.... well, I really don't know why. So I should go pay attention to her and stop being a bad inattentive mommy.
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Quick update:

We made it, and are ensconced at my mom's house in Billings. About the drive - it was okay, but I don't want to do that again any time soon (particularly by myself). The first day sucked (crossing the desert) but the second and third days were lovely. And it was a gorgeous drive, in many parts. It was 1295 miles from my door to Mom's.

I got stuck watching a small town parade in Ennis MT (which blocked the highway, so you couldn't get past), which was a very nice parade - and just got a teeny bit of sunburn (which E seems to have escaped). Then I watched fireworks on TV last night before collapsing. And that was my holiday.

[livejournal.com profile] galagan emailed me yesterday afternoon from Council Bluffs Iowa, so he's making decent progress too.


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