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Greetings from the Big Sky State!!! We are doing well, and keeping busy. The big cooking frenzy intensifies tomorrow, as we get ready for Christmas day. My family's major tradition is a big open house on Christmas afternoon, for which we invite basically everyone we know. We prepare food - cookies, candy, and appetizers - without knowing who or how many will show up (that's always part of the excitement). So far, the things I'm the most excited about are pecan lace cookies, cream caramels, candied citrus peel, and fudge. The non-sugary foods will be started tomorrow. Mmmmm. We always have good stuff.

And for a special Christmas Eve dinner, we're doing cheese fondue.

Familial relations are going reasonably well, maybe better than expected. No big complaints. If anything, I'm a little irritable - or rather, I'm not, but people are interpreting my comments as irritable, and telling me to chill out. I *think* I am chilled out, but maybe not. Hard to know. Huh.

I had a lovely birthday, and now I'm 34. My sister and I went to a yoga class (it's been way too long, and I should start doing that again, because it was lots of fun), we baked lots, and then had dinner at Dad's. Good presents - books (mostly folk tales), a couple of silver bracelets (from [livejournal.com profile] galagan, and the DVDs of the first season of the Muppet Show!!!

As [livejournal.com profile] entrochan said, man oh man, is dialup ever so slow. Sheesh.

Happy everything, everyone!!!
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Okay, I'm still working with Flickr and LJ and the intarwebs to figure out how to post images in here, but y'all are capable of clicking on a link, right?

I have digital pictures!!!

A story first: My mother was an exchange student to Germany in the 60s. When I was a baby, her host sister sent me a little German dress, and I wore it for pictures at my first birthday/Christmas. My sister wore it for her first birthday too. We still have it, and we aren't sure if E will be able to wear it for her birthday.... so why not trot it out a few months early and do Christmas? Thus the dress. You can see me in it too, from 32 years ago....

Okay, still working on the technical details. But yay! :)
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It was a good Christmas - between my birthday and Christmas, I think I got all the things I absolutely definitely wanted, which is nice. My father got me a Sudoku book for my birthday, and I couldn't wait for him to open his presents Christmas morning, and see that I got him one too (a different one, but it's still funny). Everyone was very pleased with stuff. My mother said I her personal Santa wins at Christmas stockings (I'm in charge of hers; my dad does ours, and she said hers was way way better than my sister's - *grin*).

In the afternoon, we had our traditional Christmas Day open house. (What do other people do on Christmas afternoon? We make a ton of food, and invite literally everyone we know to stop in.) It was a warm afternoon, and we had a LOT of people. The main topic I got to talk about with folks? Moving to LA. Even better, we got to be our multicultural selves and light Hannukah candles halfway through the party. :)

Elena was pretty good. It was rather an overwhelming day for her. She loved the wrapping paper, of course. She got a million books, and a few clothes and a baby doll. The doll's hand went straight into her mouth. :) There were a lot of people around all day, though - and that just got hard on her. She slept very badly last night, and just took an unheard-of 2-hour morning nap. With lots of extra naps, I think she'll be better soon.

Pictures to follow - yay!!!
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Yes, happy birthday to me. Today is the true beginning of the holiday season. (My birthday, Festivus, Christmas, Hannukah, New Year's - all your real festivities should start.... NOW!)

I've gotten four birthday presents so far. Two were kind of last night, but were confirmed this morning. :)

1) Elena is walking! Before now, she has taken 3-4 steps at a time. Something seems to have clicked in her lizard brain, and she has realized that this new-fangled way of moving around is also a means of getting where she wants to go!!! She's still hesitant, wobbly and drunken - but she's getting serious about it. She tried it out last night (while visiting some family friends), and this morning she has been lurching all over the place.

2) Also tested out last night: waving to people. If you wave to her, she will wave back. Of course, her hand (like yours) faces *her* - it looks like she's fanning herself. But that just adds to the cuteness factor.

3) Because we were out late last night, she let me sleep in this morning till 8:15. My joy knows no bounds.

4) [livejournal.com profile] galagan got me a digital camera! It was the item I most wanted, and wasn't sure I'd get! (My family doesn't tend to get big-ticket presents, which is only bad if you want something big and expensive for yourself.) So I'm playing with it now (well okay, not RIGHT now), and soon you will all be inundated with the cuteness of my child on a regular basis.
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My Christmas shopping is entirely done!!! Woot! (And everything is wrapped except items in the package that hasn't gotten here yet.)

[livejournal.com profile] galagan is done with work and free as a little birdy. Now he has two weeks of leisure before he abandons me and our child for sunny California. I'm not exactly excited about being by myself for January - but hopefully it will be all right.

I am planning on spending the weekend baking with my mother. Sunday night my sister comes to town!

See - all this excitement and promises of fun stuff is why I like the holiday season. :) Yay.
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I assembled and mostly cooked the green bean casserole yesterday. Broccoli and cauliflower have been cut up and I will start making that dish (Roasted Curried Broccoli and Cauliflower) shortly.

Our newspaper today was as thick as a regular Sunday one. My gods, all the ads! Sheesh.

I really loved Ellen Goodman's column today. Partly because I like family stories and history - perhaps too because both my grandmothers died this year. It made me cry a little bit.

Every year on Thanksgiving, I think I'll watch the parade on TV, and every year I'm disappointed. It's just not what I remember from childhood - though I can't remember the details of what I liked about it then. The bits I watched this morning were far more focused on Katie and Matt blathering to each other than on, you know, actual parade marchers, balloons, or marching bands. Ick. If I want to watch those two, I can turn on the Today show any other morning.

I am going to go watch the dog show. Yay.
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- Several people have asked me, so I thought I'd mention that we will probably not be making it to Massachusetts for this New Year's. We agreed that we'd spend too much of our time fussing over the EB, and therefore not enough time having fun. Add to that the possibility of our potentially-imminent-move, and it just gets too crazy-making. We do plan on it for next year though. (The EB will be not-quite-2 at that point, and capable of some serious wreckage and destruction. Woohoo!)

- [livejournal.com profile] galagan gave notice at his job today. Go congratulate him!

- We still have not decided if and when and where we will be moving. Well, the answer to "if" is "probably". The rest is still mid-air. Details to follow, when we've got 'em.
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We're back, even though the weekend isn't over yet. Two whole days of cold and wet and miserable finally got to us all, and we drove back.

Having said that, I think the place we camped was one of the most beautiful spots I've slept in a very long time. In a high alpine meadow with wildflowers all around (including shooting stars, which are very cool), with a band of trees and rocks to one side, overlooking a pond that spills into a lake below. We were at about 9675 feet above sealevel. The landscape there sort of looks like this (the lake pictured is nearby, but very representative).

Friday night we got there late, and my mom's friend cooked dinner and we went straight to bed. I have a sleeping bag that is incredibly warm (usually too hot in most circumstances) and I was shivering hard. I finally warmed up and slept well. Saturday we got up, ate breakfast, and then sat around and talked. [livejournal.com profile] galagan and I both seemed to forget that up there on the plateau the atmosphere is thinner and sunburns happen more easily. The sun didn't seem that strong, but both of us have lobster-red faces now (and his thighs as well). Even in the sun, it was a little chilly - nice with long sleeves. We took a little walk, ate lunch, and then took naps, read books, etc. Cooked dinner, and ate it, built a fire and went to bed. Though I started out warmer that night, I woke up because my feet were ice-cold and almost numb. That's really bad!! I wiggled my toes until the feeling came back to them.

This morning we woke up to rain. Pouring rain. We waited for a break, and then got up and headed for the car. We went into the nearest town (half an hour away) and had brunch, and wandered the limited offerings of the town. Ran into my former geometry teacher, who co-owns an art gallery there with his wife (Montana is just like this - you always run into people). Drove back to the campsite, played games a little bit... and then decided it just wasn't getting any warmer (or much drier). I couldn't face another night of half-hearted sleep and cold feet. So we came back.

Back to a raging thunderstorm here. It has passed now, and is a beautiful evening, though it's marred by all the idiots setting off their illegal firecrackers. (I hate firecrackers. Big fireworks displays are one thing, but I hate the small shit. And it's everywhere, though very illegal here - too much fire danger.) We have ordered a pizza from our favorite pizzeria (Chicago-style, mmmmm).

So I'm finally warm, and soon I will be fed - and then I'll take a shower and be CLEAN as well! Ah, the little things to look forward to!
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We're back - and we had a wonderful time! It was so great to see [livejournal.com profile] sanj and [livejournal.com profile] kassrachel and so many other people. LiveJournal kept getting mentioned. D said on the plane yesterday "maybe I need to look into this LiveJournal thing", so I was explaining to him how it works.

We saw so many people - some I haven't seen in many many years, and some I've never known well, but got to know better this trip. Plus some of my nearest and dearest.

I like the person I am with these people, and I like the feeling of community I have with them. D and I talked a lot about that, and how that is missing in our daily lives here. And what we could do about that. I want to keep that feeling with me, and try to carry it forward to here, but that is difficult.

I have a lot of unformed, unarticulated thoughts about this circling through my head, but I'm supposed to be working - and there's plenty to catch up on - so I'll save the major life analysis for later, maybe.


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