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I don't get much of a traditional Saturday these days - I work all morning, and then dick around for half the rest of the day - but today was a really nice day. We went hiking! We were going to get up early, but had stayed up late, so we got a later start than originally planned. We went up Pine Cobble, and actually made it all the way to the top. With a 3-year-old in tow, that's saying something. I hadn't been all the way to the top in quite a few years. It was such a gorgeous day and the foliage and views were spectacular.

Elena was moderately good, but she had several stubborn bits. My favorite part was when she insisted that we all sit down in the trail and then started conducting a circle a la her teachers. "Now Lambs," she'll say. She is currently in the Lamb class at school. "Lambs, what is this?" We'd say "A rock". Then she'd turn to [livejournal.com profile] galagan, "What's your name? Okay, [livejournal.com profile] galagan, here's the rock. Now give it a soft pat. Now touch it like this." Then he had to pass it to me and I had to do the same. We did this in several iterations.

(She's been on a big kick of this lately - where she is the teacher and running us through school routines. The other day we went on a walk around the neighborhood holding onto a rope just like you see bands of preschoolers do. She insisted on leading, and would announce, "okay, Lambs, let's walk now!")

Near the top she started complaining that her feet hurt. She was wearing an older pair of sneakers (which I've now decided I'd better retire). Actually, my boots were hurting me too. On the way down, she was clearly getting tired, yet somehow, she took no nap when we got home. We're all exhausted tonight - I definitely want to go to bed early tonight. First: sitting in the family room, fire in the stove, M*A*S*H* on TV, cookies and a cup of tea - and a little school reading.
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Yesterday was a beautiful day - I did the 2-mile walk with Mom and a few of her friends, surrounded by 4,645 other women also wearing lavendar T-shirts (with a pretty iris design on the front). Went for a nice brunch. Then she took me on a Costco run (I don't have a Costco card of my own, but sometimes you just *need* stuff from there....). Came home, played in the yard, made an enormous Greek pasta salad (which will last us all week, I suspect). And a peach cobbler, which was just okay. I need to work on the cobbler. I should make another one.

Today we went hiking - 2 weeks in a row is quite an accomplishment for us. My dad invited us along with a group of his younger colleagues. This trail was near the one we did last week, but not quite as steep. I was also propelled along by mingled shame and pride - being with near-strangers whom I had just met (and wanted to make a good impression on) kept me from being my usual wimpy wussy self. Fewer breaks, less whining - that kind of thing. There was a decent amount of snow, especially as we progressed, and a ton of downed trees across the trail. The trees were especially problematic - we all got lots of scrapes climbing over them. (My legs are a big ol' scrapy mess now - gashes and wounds everywhere.) As we got further up the trail, the snow got deeper. The three colleagues-of-Dad had brought snowshoes, and Dad gave his to [livejournal.com profile] galagan and that group snowshoed off, over the snow. Dad and I tried to follow, but the snow was getting too soft - so we sank in up to our thighs with each step. Ouch ouch ouch. Boy, does that ever hurt. Not only is it cold, but the snow/ice crystals scrape your legs badly - which makes it even worse. So we didn't make it far before turning around. Went back to Dad's cabin, and hung out there waiting for everybody else.

It's always nice to meet new people, especially smart funny ones our own age. :)

[livejournal.com profile] galagan's downstairs watching Bladerunner now. I am insanely tired. And a new workweek is beginning. Whee! (Actually, I get to spend a large part of this week out of the office - which is always a nice thing.)
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Flower and herb seeds have been planted. (Now we wait to see if any of them come up.) I also discovered that we have a couple of extra pots for planting - left here by the last friend who escaped the state. I need to go to a greenhouse sometime soon.... For all this mooning about my yard, I'm really not *that* into it, but you know, someone has to do it. I do like the results, when I get them. :)

Yesterday was a nice lazy day. Slept in, planted my herbs, went out for a late lunch, read a lot (Charles de Lint's latest - I'm almost done), and made curried cauliflower and potato (which [livejournal.com profile] galagan has been referring to as Cauliflower Inferno - I went a little heavy on the jalapenos and ginger, I think - but it doesn't seem to bother him, as he has practically licked the pot clean since) and a raita (one of my favorite condiments!).

Today we went hiking, only it didn't quite pan out exactly as planned. First we slept a little later than I thought we would, so we got a slow start. We got to the trailhead and started off. Started UP, I should say. Soooo steep. The parking lot is at 6910 feet, and so the altitude quickly became an issue. I've been in direr straits, oxygen-wise, but it wasn't pleasant. I'm in such poor physical shape - starting straight up a hillside and not being able to breathe in enough air just sucked. My heart was thudding way too loud, and I just felt crappy and dizzy. Eventually, I just gave in, took some long rests, ate something (gee, that might have helped!), and agreed to go on a little way further, especially once we reached a flat part. [livejournal.com profile] galagan said he thought it would get dramatically steeper at some point - and once we got there, we turned back. There was some snow, though not too much. Everyone else we saw out there had a dog with them - mostly friendly dogs, one semi-nasty one. Anyway - I always feel bad in these situations, because I feel like I'm holding [livejournal.com profile] galagan back - he could have made it to the first lake easily (and both lakes, if he chose - that would have been 8 miles round trip). So wouldn't he be better off going without me? He assures me he doesn't mind. And it is close enough that he could go anytime he wants. But still..... I hate that. I used to be able to deal with altitude just fine - even up to 10,000 feet - so having 7,000 or so feet hit me so hard is.... a little sad. I don't like being reminded of my limitations so forcefully.

That said, today was probably good for me (and for my heart - it's rare for me to exercise to the point I get my heart rate up, so....) - and I just have to keep going. Right?

This will be a busy-ish week - we've got a big event going for work, plus a handful of extra things to take care of. That usually makes the week go nice and fast. I wouldn't mind that.


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