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The other day, Elena was flipping through her favorite books about the planets, and said "Mom, dwarf means small, right?" Some time later, she commented, "Next year, when Pluto grows up, it will be a REAL planet." I engaged in a brief discussion with her about how planets don't really grow that way, and so I didn't think.... but she was completely uninterested in my point, so I dropped it.


Nice weekend. Friday, [livejournal.com profile] galagan had the day off (because the markets were closed) and Elena went to school, so the two of us got to hang out all morning, no pressure and no kid..... It was very nice. Then he took off to play poker, and I pretended to do school work all afternoon. (ha!) Saturday, I got up and went to work, which was workish, and then came home and read my book while [livejournal.com profile] galagan slept off that poker binge. Last night we went to [livejournal.com profile] kassrachel's seder, with [livejournal.com profile] samtheeagle in tow, and it was lovely and low-key and yummy. Parsley, horseradish, charoset..... these things make me happy. We came home and put E to bed very late and then stayed up extra late talking with Sam himself. Got up this morning, gave Elena some chocolate, went to breakfast with Sam, and then waved goodbye to him. Since then, we've just had a quiet lazy Sunday - I've done a little school work, and there's reading and snacks. And leftovers for dinner. :)
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I've had such a good weekend! Read more... )
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Someone I've met locally a few times (who writes an awesome blog which *you* should read) just friended me on Facebook. I was scrolling idly through her profile page (procrastinating my homework, y'see) and I noticed a name I vaguely recognized. I click through, and it's someone I worked with 10 years ago at Planned Parenthood in Seattle! Small teeny tiny world.

Yes, I'm avoiding my homework. I was so diligent yesterday about avoiding this homework that I actually sat down and wrote a short paper instead (also due this weekend, so it totally needed to be done). So at least the paper is out of the way.... :) My homework's not so bad, really. We're doing Lexis-Nexis this week. If I need help, I can call my lawyer in (from the next room) and ask him. :)

Elena was going to be cat for Halloween until Tuesday night, when out of the blue she decided she wanted to be a fairy (this morning: "a PINK fairy"). I went to buy a few things, only to discover that Disney, having cornered the princess market, is now moving into the fairy market. Yup, there was DisneyFairyTM stuff *everywhere* (that Tinkerbell movie might have something to do with this). So I was very proud of myself that I managed to figure out how we'll cobble together an outfit that was never touched by Disney hands or marketers. Woo!!

Okay, okay, once more, dear friends, into the breach!
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We're back..... Our visit was a whirlwind - friends to meet, pictures to take, lots of food. My sister finally announced to the room at large that she and her boy are talking about marriage (her admitting that just may be one of the signs of the apocalypse). My dad's cabin did not burn down and appears to be safe. I got to talk a little to [livejournal.com profile] galagan and he is doing well and having fun in the Yukon. Our trip back yesterday was pretty smooth, and Elena behaved amazingly well: "I sat in my seat and wore my seatbelt and sat still." We got home late and I got an email that said I got into my safety school (translation: I will definitely be going to library school - now it's just a matter of when and *where*). I still am waiting on a recommendation before I can send in the other applications (and get into the programs I actually *want*). I haven't had a decent night's sleep in a week - even last night, after we got back, my brain was....exceedingly boingy and Would. Not. Shut. Up. [livejournal.com profile] scottahill and Jen are here tonight with the cutest little button of a baby Miriam, and she's been crawling all around and flinging Elena's toys happily.
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Okay, I think we're packed, except for girly's necessities like quilt-doll-bear-nightlight which are all in her room until morning, as well as my toiletries. I have new books for E to read, a new doll, a few toys, and something to color for the flight tomorrow. And my iPod is loaded with her latest favorite TMBG album (Here Come the 123s), plus the others I already had.

No solid news on the wildfire/cabin front, but it doesn't look good, as the latest news stories seem to hint that they might have to evacuate the town which is east of the cabin.... and the fire started west of the cabin. That seems Bad.

We had a fabulous time last night with [livejournal.com profile] xen_opus and his JB. We wandered around campus gawking at all the new buildings, "new" being defined as "within the past 10 years".

*sigh* I should probably go to bed. I need to wake up well before oh-dark-thirty in order to catch the morning flight. I hate the night before I fly out in the morning, because I can never sleep. Blah.

I'll be on-line occasionally this week - and back home next Wednesday.
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If you're a Westerner, you're used to this. It happens, sooner or later...... My dad called this morning after being evacuated from his beloved cabin. There's a wildfire up the valley from him, and the news reports say it's burning out of control. The news story says that they can't fight it, because the ground is too rugged. My dad sounded pretty despondent. When the phone rang, I was figuring out what I'm doing each day of my visit, and which day I might be able to go up there. Now, it's unclear if we'll be allowed up there, or if there will be anything left to see. :(

Of course, here it's raining. The irony - we don't need it, and they do. I'd like to package up this storm and send it, by express mail to the West Fork of Rock Creek, plz. Without the lightning perhaps, because they don't need to risk it.

Checking the weather reports..... it's gonna be hot while we're there. Not ghastly, but enough to make me crabby. [livejournal.com profile] galagan called last night from Whitehorse and said the sun was shining and it was in the low 60s..... So jealous.

Elena is having a rough time dealing with separation from her daddy. She mentions him multiple times a day (now often in the context of "Daddy misses me"). She has not gone down to bed (nap-time or night-time) once without a screaming fit since he left. She wants another book, or she wants to play more, or she wants other pajamas..... Really, she wants her Daddy.

Right now, I'm picking up toys before [livejournal.com profile] xen_opus and JB arrive, because this place looks like a disaster movie hit it.

And for those of you on Facebook - is there something in the water lately, or *what*? Or is it just me? I've had a million new friends added in the past few days (some which I instigated, some I did not). The new crop includes some of my favorite people from high school, so that's kind of awesome.

Wow - in 48 hours I will be..... the gods willing..... just arriving in Billings.
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My GRE was a week ago today, and it feels like 18 million years. It's been a long week......

[livejournal.com profile] galagan finally got into the doctor, and they couldn't rule out Lyme disease (the bite, or hives, or whatever), so they did a blood test and gave him antibiotics. I didn't think they'd have any definitive answers anyway. Hopefully he'll be all right. :)

I just got back from taking him to the airport, so he's now on his way to the Yukon, and I'm on my own / solely in charge around here for the next 2 weeks. Mostly, I think Elena and I will be fine - I'm most worried about our plane trip on Tuesday to Montana. Flying with a toddler is hard and lots of work - and bad enough when there are two adults. Just me? I expect to collapse in a puddle of goo as soon as we arrive in Billings and I can hand her off to my mom..... :P

Meanwhile, our major distraction in the next few days is that [livejournal.com profile] xen_opus is coming to visit, with JB. I'm looking forward to meeting JB, and eager to see [livejournal.com profile] xen_opus.... and glad that we will have more people around in the house for a night - just so I don't go insane.

Okay, I should do some dinner-prep stuff before I have to go get my child. (But it's so *quiet* right now! Oh well.)
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Friday afternoon, [livejournal.com profile] ltlbird showed up and after dinner, she and I got all dressed up and went to the theater. She Loves Me is such an awesome show! I keep saying that I don't understand why it's not a classic of the American theater that everyone knows about, like The Sound of Music or The Wizard of Oz. cut for rambling about the show )

Saturday, we got up, and [livejournal.com profile] ltlbird went to play with [livejournal.com profile] yaoobruni and help him pick veggies at the CSA farm. Elena and I went to an outdoor concert at the library by 2 guys who do kids music - Davis Bates and Roger Tincknell. (We have one of Tincknell's CDs.) Two guys, lots of different instruments (banjo, mandolin, many percussive things), too many puns and bad jokes, lots of songs with hand motions or audience participation. It was fun, though Elena was more taken with her balloon than anything. Back home for naptime - when [livejournal.com profile] ltlbird came back, we just read and talked until E got up. Then we went to the playground to assuage her swinging needs, then out for Thai food and ice cream. After we got home and put E to bed, we watched..... well, a few weeks ago, in conversation, I randomly discovered that [livejournal.com profile] galagan had never seen My Fair Lady, so I decided I had to fix that. So we watched that last night. (You know, it's really really hard to watch that movie and not wish that Julie Andrews was in it instead. I don't think I'd seen that movie since high school, and I had forgotten how much it reeks of class and caste in that British way - even beyond the obvious. I also realized that Audrey Hepburn with long hair looks a *lot* like a friend of mine from Billings. It was fun to watch [livejournal.com profile] galagan's face at the end, when he realized that "Eliza, where the devil are my slippers?" is the last line.)

This morning, [livejournal.com profile] ltlbird left (much to Elena's chagrin and sadness) and we stuck on our bathing suits, despite the threatening storm clouds, and went to the swimming hole - Elena was adamant from the time she woke up that she wanted to go swimming. We were the only people there and the water was COLD, so we just waded in the shallows, and watched the tadpoles swim away. I also saw a few bitty bitty frogs who had just come on land, with tiny vestigial tails. And I found a small feather that was likely from a blue jay - blue and black, with a white tip. I spent the afternoon reading, and trying to straighten up my desk a little bit.

I have a busy week ahead. The next few weeks, actually. Wow.
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Busy week!

* On Monday, Elena and I met my sister and some of her friends in a small upstate town. We wandered around, ducked into music stores and consignment shops, and then ate at a New Age hippy-Christian cafe. Most of the lunch conversation I remember centered on gnomes, oddly.

* On Tuesday, [livejournal.com profile] samtheeagle drove over here, and we went out for sushi (okay, he avoided all the raw fish) and then we came home and talked till late. Discussed: western New York and the apocalypse (those may have been connected) and Nice Jewish Boys (=no such thing).

* On Thursday, Elena and I had a playdate that stretched into dinner time - i.e. the menfolk came home from the office in time for food. :) We made lemonade from scratch, which involved many toddler fingers, but was quite tasty nevertheless. It was all great fun, and we all enjoyed ourselves.

That? Is like waaaaay more social than I usually do. Wow. It's been fun.

This morning, I took a practice test for the GRE (their downloadable software, so it's on your computer, and mimics the actual test). The writing part SUCKED - I mean, I am basically able to write coherent grammatical sentences, but it's been a looooong time since I've done much writing other than email or LJ (and I don't think that style of prose would be welcome). I need to work on that. But I did reasonably well on the traditional math & verbal sections. (Okay, veryveryvery well on verbal, perfectly reasonable / able to get by on math.)

So. I need to schedule myself a test date. And work on writing issue / argument essays from their list of topics. And maybe study geometry and ratios/fractions/that stuff a little. Okay, that's do-able, I guess. I'm looking at September deadlines for grad school applications - mostly for the Spring 09 semester (although in one case, the deadline is September 1, and classes start like 3 weeks later).

Up next: dealing with recommendation letters and writing a Statement of Purpose. Eeeeuch.
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I don't even remember the first time I met [livejournal.com profile] allthatjazmyne. She was a freshman when I was a sophomore in high school. She was in band, like virtually all my friends were - she played the baritone (I think one of the only girls who played low brass). She was tall, even then, with pale skin and dark hair. Yeah - she stood out, and was totally striking.

We weren't super-close, but we knew each other all through high school and hung out with the same crowd. She was a little boy-crazy, I thought (and she would agree with that). I remember some high drama over guys between her and a couple of friends. She and our friend M used to wear high heels - adding several inches to put them both close or over 6 feet tall - and then complain that none of the guys were tall enough to match them.

I have a very vivid memory of a choir trip to Great Falls where she and I shared a seat on the bus, trying to stay warm under a heavy denim quilt and mocking a romance novel. I know she remembered this too.

Once we hit college, we traded letters and then occasional emails. And then, a couple of years ago, she stumbled on my LJ profile and realized it was me. It was fabulous reconnecting with her. I last saw her 2 years ago - I was stopping off in Montana on my way to Massachusetts, and she came up to visit family. We had lunch, and wandered around downtown Billings just a little, talking and shopping.

18 months ago, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Things were looking good for a while, but then she had a recurrence, and frankly stopped talking about it as much. I kind of suspected that things weren't going so well.

Julia was admitted the hospital Friday with a clot in her lung, and died peacefully last night. Good night, sweet girl.
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I have had a lovely whirlwind couple of days. [livejournal.com profile] rivka was here with [livejournal.com profile] curiousangel and their toddler Alex (just a month younger than Elena) for one night. The girls had something of a meeting of the minds about 2.3 seconds after meeting, and there was just no stopping them after that. If they had read Anne of Green Gables, I'd think they decided they were kindred spirits. Something. It was truly amazing to behold. And it was wonderful to see the adults too. :) (They left on the morning of the 29th, but this morning, Elena asked if we could go see Alex, and had a crying fit when we said that wouldn't be possible.)

Then, the New Year's hordes descended upon us. I saw many people, and it has been really *lovely*. For me, the theme for the year seemed to be that a lot of people feel like they are at a crossroads in their lives in some way. (I know I've felt like I've been at one for several *years* now - I do think I have a road map and the car is pointed the right direction, but I haven't yet started the engine.) I had a lot of great conversations with different people, and those connections are always one of the best things about New Year's.

And here we are, arrived at 2008! Happy New Year, all!
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I just got back from taking my mother to the airport. I am so glad she came here this year, instead of all of us having to go there..... It seems to have worked out for everybody. Christmas was low-key here, but we all did very well. Oh, and I had a birthday in there too.... more nattering about materialistic things )

Now, we're waiting for [livejournal.com profile] rivka and her family to arrive, for the evening. I last saw her 3 1/2 years ago - before our babies were born - and she's never met [livejournal.com profile] galagan. And Alex and Elena seem to be nearly-twins, at least on paper. Can't wait for the two powerful forces two-year-olds to meet. :)
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It's been a lovely weekend. )

And now I'm *still* trying to decide what to make for dinner. Any suggestions? Must be veggie-friendly. Major points if it's made from ingredients that are already in our possession. *grin*
ETA: It's gonna be Chickpea Stew. Why o why do I always have such difficulty deciding what to make? I'm a looooooser.
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I have a presence at most of the usual social networking sites. They all seem okay, except for MySpace. I really hate MySpace - I just don't fundamentally *get* it. BUT.... every few weeks I get a message or an add or whatever from some blast-from-my-distant-dimly-remembered-past. The last couple have been high school friends - people I hung out with a little bit, but not enough so that we kept in touch later. Fine, that's kind of cool.

Yesterday, I got a MySpace message that said "are you the [livejournal.com profile] kcobweb that lived in [town name] and hung out with [livejournal.com profile] rivka?" *boggle* Why, yes I am. Don't know how she found me, but with the unusual first name and the city I moved to (where I went to high school), she deduced it was me. So random and so weird. Perhaps it's because I moved so much as a child (and heck, now as an adult too) - but people who knew me in 7th grade (or before) are few and far between. I'm in touch with 2 - one is [livejournal.com profile] rivka and the other is strictly on a every-other-Christmas schedule.

[Secret message to [livejournal.com profile] rivka: intitials MZ]


My child is making me slightly crazy these days, but no more so than usual for *two*, I guess. She is busy trying to potty-train one of her dolls (actually, an old doll of mine) - but mostly refuses to sit on the potty herself. I did buy some underwear in her size, and washed it. That pile of laundry got folded, but never put away, so they are just sitting there in the living room, and she notices them often when she passes by and points them out. I just say, "Someday, you'll get to wear those..... when you learn to pee in the potty." I read potty training books to her regularly. (Today, I basically read the book to the doll.) I'm just waiting for her to make that mental leap, but so far, bupkis.

She's currently obsessed with one certain album of baby pictures - from when she was about 2-3 months old. I still had a film camera then, so I took a million pictures of everything, in the hopes that a few would turn out okay. This album includes a trip we took to Kentucky for a family get-together - so as a result, Elena can now name most of my dad's family. "That's Carol, that's Suzi, that's Mommy's Grandma...." (I was trying to explain who the very old woman was - she'll never meet her because she died just a few months later.)

Right now she's flipping through a 2008 calendar from the World Wildlife Fund - it's got pictures of penguins, tigers, frogs.... everything a little girl could want. (Her: "Dogs." Me: "No, those are bears." *pause* Her: "Like dogs.")

She also likes the World Almanac, particularly the color pages in the middle that show flags of the world. She flips through those pages, saying "star... star... sun... star....."
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The BallroomVet had her baby!!! Another boy - I think everyone who has given birth this year has had boys. If you want name and details, email me and I'll forward the link and password to you. Yay babies!

And not-yay for toddlers. Yesterday was a tough day, and today has just been progressively worse and worse. Elena's getting over a cold, which she gave to me, so I feel slightly rotten. We're all in bad moods. We're leaving town tomorrow for a week, so I've been trying all week to get stuff done before we go, and everything's been more difficult than it needs to be. And the poor sick girl has been acting out and driving me crazy. <---understatement of the year. We will all be fine, and we will get on on an airplane and go see Grandma and Grandpa and Linda (my dad's wife) and Emily Dog (Dad's dog). Unfortunately it is hotter than blazes there, has been and will continue to be so. All my Dad can say is "Well, it's pretty nice in your mom's basement." Great, I'm flying 2000 miles at great expense to sit in my mom's basement for a week. :P

I'm just not going there anymore in August. What was I thinking?
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It's been a nice weekend thus far. Yesterday we had lunch with old college friends C and C, who are in town for the theater festival. I hadn't seen them in forever (their wedding, maybe?), so that was nice.

I spent much of yesterday frantically reading a recent 700-page fantasy novel. No, not that one, this one. Kushiel's Justice by Jacqueline Carey is book 5 in that series, and it's just okay. (I really liked 1 and 2, but I think they've been uneven since then.) Both 4 and 5 seem to be two books in one - first half, lots of sex and intrigue; second half, lots of violence and mayhem. Personally, I like the sex and intrigue better, which means I finish the book on a downhill slide. She should break these up better, or, um, learn to integrate those parts of the story better. And, for those who are looking for it, I thought this book had much less sex (and was far less kinky) than the earlier ones. This book did have some parts I really grooved on (this world's version of Celts and Picts! woohoo for the Picts!), but overall, eh. The pacing really really dragged in the second half (see above, re: not-so-interested in the violence and mayhem section), which was, in part, a function of the plot - I'm sure the protagonist felt the same way. I may have to go back and reread book 1 and 2, just to remember why I liked them so much, and see if they still are as good as I remember.

Today we all slept in! (Until *gasp* 8 o'clock - that was heaven.) And then went for a short drive, east and north of here (right past the decommissioned nuclear plant, though we didn't see it). Now I'm making peach cobbler, which makes me think of my grandmother, whose recipe it is. Mmmmm, cobbler. And I'm reading Mansfield Park, to get caught up in the community I just joined.
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Finally here.

We had a lovely Christmas, and a good open house. Elena loved her presents - a number puzzle and a letter puzzle, wooden blocks, and Quatro Lego blocks (4-times-regular size) were the biggest hits. Actually, everyone loved their presents this year, though my mom and I duplicated one (to [livejournal.com profile] galagan), which is no biggie.

And then we got up at 4:45 on Boxing Day for a flight home, only to discover that the flight was delayed because of mechanical difficulty. We went back and forth to the airport several times on Tuesday (it's seriously only 5 minutes from my mom's house), and finally they decided that our flight would not be leaving at a time conducive to making *any* further connections that day. So we rebooked for the same flights this morning (Wednesday) and I called in to work to say I wouldn't actually be at work for one more day.

This morning was a breeze, though getting up AGAIN at 4:45 sucked majorly. On the other hand, having rebooked several times throughout the day meant that by the time they found us seats on today's flight, there weren't enough coach seats left, so we were bumped up to first class (for the first flight, anyway). Also, we checked our bags yesterday, and never bothered getting them back (too much bother, mostly - too heavy and bulky), so our bags were waiting for us at the Albany airport when we got there this afternoon. Very nice.

E is totally worn out, I think - so many people and strange things and presents and constant stimulation for the past few days have got worn her nerves to the breaking point, and she is exhausted. A few quiet days of routine at home should get her back into sorts. She did have a blast playing with random kids at the airport - she's really good in mixed groups of kids of all ages (even if she can't talk much yet - or chooses not to, with them), which is great to see. This morning she was talking on a play phone, like this:

[livejournal.com profile] galagan: *bring*bring*
E picks up: Hello? (rising tone)
[livejournal.com profile] galagan: Hello.
E: Bye.
[livejournal.com profile] galagan: Bye.
Repeat 150 million times.


She dubbed my mom "Gram" and my dad "Pa". She can't say Ls too well at all (her attempts at her own name sound most like "Jen" or "Jenna"), so my sister's name (Alissa) and stepmother's (Linda) didn't fare so well.

And we're back, to be greeted with the news that several friends my age are dealing with medical issues that 30-year-olds (plus-or-minus a few) shouldn't have to deal with. I'm thinking of you.
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Picture it: August 1990. I was 17 and had graduated from high school. I had recently gotten my wisdom teeth out. And I had just received the list of who I'd be living with in college a few weeks away. And one afternoon, the phone rang, and someone said "Hi, this is [livejournal.com profile] saltcod and we're going to be roommates." As I remember it, we talked easily for an hour - just about this and that. (I was - and am - a fairly shy person, so this seemed a bit extraordinary at the time - we just *clicked*.)

And I got to see [livejournal.com profile] saltcod yesterday! She came to my apartment and we just started talking and we talked *all day*. (Okay, we have even more in common now, plus years of history and reminiscences.) It was quite quite lovely. She's here all week, so hopefully there will be more hanging out!

Oh, the good times. And the weird times. (There was much talk of Hell Suite and various doings. Heeheehee.)


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