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For dinner, I made a Phyllo-Crusted Goat Cheese and Lentil Pie which was fabulous. There is now an apple crisp in the oven. And I'm snacking on almonds covered in toffee and dark chocolate. My life, she is yummy today.
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[livejournal.com profile] muliebrity has asked for my aloo gobi recipe, so you all get to see one of our favorite dinners under the cut. )

([livejournal.com profile] muliebrity (or anyone else, too), if this version is too spicy, I have another version somewhere, which is sweeter. I think it has apple juice. Let me know.)
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Last night at my book club, a friend asked if we wanted their share at Caretaker Farm for the next year, as her husband has a year-long position in New York!!! Of course we do. I'm so excited - they are leaving at the end of August, so we'll get to start taking distributions at the beginning of September. Hopefully by the time they move back, we will be off the waiting list and will have a membership in our own right. Yay!!!!

Also: one down (mostly), two to go..... One of the schools I'm applying to has pretty minimal requirements: no GRE, no Statement of Purpose, no recommendations. They pretty much go by your transcripts, and I seem to meet the minimum GPA requirement. First come, first serve. Today is the first day for applying, so I did so. I mean, technically, I still have to swing by the Mothership and fill out a form for them to send a transcript, but that's a minor formality and easy to do. And one of my letter-writers (for recommendations) has finished, and sent them to me. Just one more recommender! And the test! And everything else! (Okay, there's still a lot to do.)
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I made this Roasted Potato and Green Salad last night and it was very very tasty. But far too oily - if you try it, cut the oil in half (at least). Do others find that when you make a recipe for the first time, there's way too much oil, and so everything's a greasy mess? Or is it just me?

Also, refrigerator pickle recipes below the cut )


Nov. 21st, 2007 03:46 pm
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--I looooove food catalogs. I love browsing through them, in a window-shopping kind of way. I never buy anything from them. We had a Harry & David catalog the other day; today's mail brought a Wolferman's catalog. I used to be on Dean and Deluca's mailing list - all those cured meats and fancy cheeses! Yum, food porn. I find myself especially drawn to the basket o' varied goodies that these places do. Those things just look like yummy fun.

--I am having great difficulties with automated systems this week, but I think I finally got everything straightened out. I hope.

--I am recuperating from my admittedly minor cold, but everyone else in the house is coughing a lot now. Elena is majorly crabby. [livejournal.com profile] galagan is running a *marathon* in less than a week, and needs his health and his full lung capacity, please.

--Yes, a marathon. A full bloody 26 miles. In Seattle on Sunday. Is he crazy? You decide.

--I am finally learning how to knit, and am doing enough to make it stick in my brain. I like to learn by doing, and I have to figure it out myself (who's stubborn? whatever do you mean?). Because I'm stoopid, I'm using sub-par yarn with too-big needles, but I like the way it looks, and so I'll tell everyone that I meant for that to happen. :) Sub-par yarn is because it's recycled from an ugly child's sweater vest that I didn't want to put on Elena - so I unraveled it. Because it's unraveled, the plies are all coming untwisted and all that. Whatever. Like I said, I like the way it looks, so that's okay. And I'm just making a simple scarf, because I figured that if I knitted a million rows over and over that would be good practice for the general form. I've got knitting down, but haven't figured out how to hold the needles and the yarn and do everything at once while I'm purling, without a handy-dandy third hand. I can never hold things the way books tell you to. :)

--I have cubes of bread drying in the kitchen. I'm making stuffing from *scratch* this year! Woohoo!

--I will also be making green bean casserole, because that is our do-or-die Thanksgiving dish here. Tomorrow happens to be the.... 11th anniversary of our first date, which in 1996 was a Friday. Thanksgiving was the following Thursday, and [livejournal.com profile] galagan showed up at our door with a green bean casserole. He and I have had it every year since. :)
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Rainy day. Fall weather has finally caught up with me. Aaahhhhh.

I forgot to mention how truly satisfying it was to come back home to a house that is really quite bright red. The painters have almost finished (a few sections need another coat; clearly they can't do it today). It's very striking, and I'm thrilled to pieces every time I go outside or look out the window. Before and after pictures will follow, as soon as they are really done.

Having just left Canada, it seems appropriate to mention that today is Canadian Thanksgiving! I will be making [livejournal.com profile] galagan's favorite Thanksgiving food (green bean casserole - we're so pedestrian) for dinner in honor of the occasion.

book meme! )

Yes, there are a few that I both finished *and* found completely unreadable. If you'd asked me 5 minutes after closing the book what it was about, I'd have said "dribble dribble hilxcuik hkjnaso", or something to that effect......

*gulp* I have a long to-do list. I should really attack it now.

ETA: Vacation pictures here
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I was going to write a glowing report on what my child is like at *gulp* 29 months old. Then it was lunchtime:

Beeena! [banana]
(howling because part of the banana broke off, and won't go back on)
(more howling)

Rogurt! [yogurt]
Pasta! Bagel! Pasta! Bagel!
(bagel gets there first. By the time the pasta is cooked, she's demanding her next thing....)
Butter! (holding out last crust of bagel)
(long explanation about how she already has butter, it's on the bagel, even if she can't see it, it's there, really truly, but it melted, go ahead and take a bite and you'll see....)
(All she's eaten at this point is a few bites of banana, all the cheese, and the bagel. The rest of the above-mentioned food is sitting in front of her, basically untouched.)

(Me: No applesauce now, why don't you eat some of what's in front of you? More howling.)
Cwackers! Pa butter! [peanut butter]
(Me: no, eat what's in front of you.)
(Lots more howling, punctuated by "Blow my nose!")

Eventually she wandered off (still hasn't eaten most of that) and decided she wanted to take her dolls for a walk. Of course, the doll stroller has a bent frame, so I don't want to take it out, because it's a pain, plus it's wet out, plus she's crabby, so it wouldn't go well at *all*. My refusal to go outside didn't go over well either.

Now she wants to "color wiv crans", but I have my eye on the clock for blessed blessed naptime. This will be another struggle.

more under the cut )

She's still not asleep. Should I go upstairs and shush her, or just hope she'll doze off??? Hmmmm.


Jul. 9th, 2007 02:40 pm
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This is just from today, in our yard:


(Obviously, mostly black raspberries, with a few red ones mixed in.) I got eaten by bugs and nearly fell down a slick wet slope, but it was worth it. Actually, there were a few more that I just couldn't reach - they were entirely enmeshed in a ticket of thorns. And there were plenty that will be ready tomorrow or the next day. This rocks!
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[livejournal.com profile] galagan has been gone for a few days, cavorting in the nation's capital for some work-related meetings. I'm pleased to say that my brief stint as single parent has gone pretty well. I decided that instead of being lazy and eating crappy food while he was gone, I'd go all out and make yummy food that I wouldn't make while he's here. So I've eaten rather well, and that is pleasing.

The only dim spot: Elena has come down with a cold, so we didn't go to story hour at the library today, and she spent all day wiping her runny nose on her sleeve before I could reach her with a tissue. Now I can hear her coughing in her sleep. Having just been in that situation (having a cold), I really feel for her. Poor girl - she's been incredibly healthy till now and really hasn't been sick (like, EVER), mostly because she just hasn't been exposed to stuff. So this is probably a bit of a shock to her. But it's good for her to start building up that immune system, right?

I watched American Idol tonight, and it was about 50/50 - half of the guys were really good, and the other half, it was like WTF? I'd keep Jared, Chris, Chris, Blake and.... who was the other one? Ah yes, Sundance. Everybody else can go home now, as far as I'm concerned.

I did not have to work today (see above, re: husband out of town, me on deck for child-care 24/7). Unfortunately, I do have to go in tomorrow. Assuming he comes back. :)

It's just over a week till we close on our house!! The agent called with a list of details, about heating oil, and the walk-through, and permits and approvals for the wood stove (finally obtained). Today I made a list of all the artwork / posters / maps / framed stuff we have - and oh man, oh me oh my, do we ever have a lot of stuff. How did we acquire so many pictures to hang on the walls? [livejournal.com profile] galagan is hereby forbidden from buying any more Peter Max prints.

Yes, I said "wood stove". *bounce*
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Greetings from the Big Sky State!!! We are doing well, and keeping busy. The big cooking frenzy intensifies tomorrow, as we get ready for Christmas day. My family's major tradition is a big open house on Christmas afternoon, for which we invite basically everyone we know. We prepare food - cookies, candy, and appetizers - without knowing who or how many will show up (that's always part of the excitement). So far, the things I'm the most excited about are pecan lace cookies, cream caramels, candied citrus peel, and fudge. The non-sugary foods will be started tomorrow. Mmmmm. We always have good stuff.

And for a special Christmas Eve dinner, we're doing cheese fondue.

Familial relations are going reasonably well, maybe better than expected. No big complaints. If anything, I'm a little irritable - or rather, I'm not, but people are interpreting my comments as irritable, and telling me to chill out. I *think* I am chilled out, but maybe not. Hard to know. Huh.

I had a lovely birthday, and now I'm 34. My sister and I went to a yoga class (it's been way too long, and I should start doing that again, because it was lots of fun), we baked lots, and then had dinner at Dad's. Good presents - books (mostly folk tales), a couple of silver bracelets (from [livejournal.com profile] galagan, and the DVDs of the first season of the Muppet Show!!!

As [livejournal.com profile] entrochan said, man oh man, is dialup ever so slow. Sheesh.

Happy everything, everyone!!!
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Dinner conversation turned to Christmas shopping, and [livejournal.com profile] galagan revealed that he has bought *nothing* yet.

Me: But my birthday is five days away! Five!
Elena: Sit! Sen!
(we laugh)
Me: Yes, and eight days from now, it will be Christmas!
Elena: Nun! Ten! E'ven! Telv! Siddoo! Ot-doo! Mmm-doo! Uh-doo!

She cracks me up.


We leave tomorrow. I should really think about packing. I did make pesto - I have a basil plant I bought in summer, which has somehow survived all this time (usually, I kill basil in this span of time). I am sure it wouldn't have survived us being gone for 8 days - so I stripped all the leaves and made yummy yummy pesto. I also cooked most of the remaining veggies from our fridge, and had a lovely dinner. Now we truly have no food in the house.


I rarely bake at home for just us. We don't *need* all that stuff, or I'm too lazy, or whatever. But Christmas is the one holiday my mom really goes nuts for, and I've always enjoyed helping her. She has promised to put me to work once I get there - she claims that she'll watch Elena and I'll cook/bake. I have a few ideas of my own of things I want to make - some almond lace cookies we did last year that were unbelievably scrumptious and irresistable, the cream caramels we've done the last few years (so! much! stirring! but truly yummy), and perhaps candied orange peel (I tried to make it a few years ago and it turned out weirdly, so I'd like to try it again). Plus there are the usual standards - candy-cane cookies, buckeyes, wreaths, etc. My sister arrives Tuesday night, so she'll be able to help too. I do love baking (and candy-making), so this should be lots of fun.


Of course, tonight we discovered a leak from the kitchen sink that seems to be penetrating the floorboards and dripping down into the basement. Why do these things always happen right before you're headed out of town? But we put a bucket under it and called our landlord, and he seems to know about it (I guess that spot's been a problem before) and promises he'll take a look at it. So we won't worry.
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For Christmas I asked for (and got) a Hand blender (a.k.a. soup wand). I need to announce that it is totally my favorite kitchen gadget now. So fun and easy. Everyone should have one.
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So, who has a good recipe for apple crisp (or even not-so-crisp)? I just polished one off, and have apples to make a second, but want something different from my usual. My usual is a topping of brown sugar, flour and butter, with a splash of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon - not too far off from the Joy of Cooking, I believe.

C'mon, I know I have a lot of Easterners reading - y'all know your apples. Give me some inspiration!
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I had my dairy-laden meal. Cheese tortellini with garlic and olive oil (and a little butter) and parmesan cheese. Not so cheese-heavy as some, but this is basic comfort food for me, and was very yummy. And so far, the EB has not spit all over the house or anything, so this bodes very very well.

In fact, this morning somebody replaced our regular coffee with Folgers Crystals our regular baby with a calm happy baby. She woke me up with little squeaky noises, but wasn't crying. I gave her the nasty medicine and she fussed briefly and then went back to almostsmiling. She's starting to fuss just a little bit now, but I think she just wants attention. There - now she's in my lap, and not crying.

Cool news - my former boss called me last night with a potential job lead. She ran into a mutual business contact and when my name came up, mentioned that I am not returning to my job - and this person made noises like she'd be interested in hiring me for something (the program she works for is potentially expanding.....). So, while I'm not ready for this yet, it's nice to know that there are possibilities out there.

And it's been a looooong time since I've had to actually pay for birth control. I'm just sayin'. Alas.
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Haha! I have the go-ahead from the lactation consultant to try and reintroduce dairy - a piece of cheese - and see what happens with the EB (cross our collective fingers that it isn't projectile spitting up).

Me? Obsessed? Oh no.
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The EB gained 11 ounces since Thursday, so she is now almost a pound over her birthweight - finally! We're very very very glad she doesn't have to have extensive medical testing. Now that we're getting some of these issues straightened out, she's a lot more even-tempered and nicer to be around most of the time.

One of the things the doctor suggested last week was that I should cut dairy out of my diet, in case the EB is lactose-intolerant. I have done so, for the most part, and I must say, it is driving me CRAZY - and it's only been a few days!! I miss cheese so bloody much. I am, in fact, fantasizing about cheese. I am hoping to slowly re-introduce cheese in a day or two and monitor her, and if she shows no change, then I'll know that it isn't a problem. Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope. I'll say that with this restriction I am suddenly realizing that I shouldn't worry as much as I do about my calcium intake, because everything I think of to eat (and would eat, under normal circumstances) seems to have cheese. This has made coming up with ideas for something to eat far more difficult.

It's gorgeous out. Spring is definitely here (which is not to say that it can't - and won't - snow again). My daffodils are up, though looking a little puny and pathetic. I pulled dandelions from the lawn today - that's one of my obsessions. I'm not much of a gardener and can't do much about a lot of the appearance of our lawn, but dandelions are - sort of - within my control. If you just go outside at least once a day and spend 10 to 15 minutes digging out the damn things wherever they have appeared within the past 24 hours, you can generally stay reasonably on top of things. (It helps that we have a very small yard.) I also want to clean out the flower beds a little bit and think about starting some seeds for this year - always a losing battle (they never survive, somehow), but I have to try.
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Unlike those of you on the East Coast who are trying to dig out from feet of snow, we are having a bit of spring here today. The temperature actually equalized - it was the same temp inside the house and outside, so I left the door open in hopes of getting some fresh air in. I hate that stale air smell you get inside in winter - it felt wonderful wonderful wonderful outside!!!

We installed our carseat (now the baby can come) and I made soup. Good Sunday.

I finished The Rule of Four, by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason. At risk of sounding snotty (oh heck - I'll just be snotty), it's kind of a Da Vinci Code for smart people. :) Also reminded me of Donna Tartt's The Secret History which I read last fall. (Apparently I'm not the only one to make that connection, as the reviews for this book kept mentioning Tartt as well.) This is not as gripping as SH, nor as creepy and intense, but it has a similar setting - a college campus, this time Princeton. A senior thesis involves a mysterious book from the Renaissance that no one has ever quite figured out, etc. etc. Lots of ciphers and code-breaking. People get killed and injured. Much better written than Da Vinci (and Not! Quite! So! Breathless!). Good fun.

Anyway - I also made ginger snaps today. I promised [livejournal.com profile] ltlbird the recipe, so here goes:

Mmmmm, cookies )

my day

Nov. 27th, 2004 08:19 pm
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My sweetie has a job this weekend, and so I am entirely on my own. He is sort of an on-call stage hand for the local theater - when big shows come (the traveling shows especially), and they need extra people, they call him. So he worked 8:45-5ish yesterday, 10 a.m. till 11 p.m.-ish tonight, and will probably be there tomorrow from 1-ish till 7 or 8. Lots of hours, but they pay vaguely decently. It's for the Nutcracker - he'll come home, I predict, singing one piece of that or another. Anyway, it's fun for him - he says the manual labor is a good change for him, and totally different from his desk job. And he always comes home with an injury - yesterday it was a smashed finger. (Last winter he ran over his toe one time and lost a toenail.... It was so gross.)

So, anyway, as I was saying... on my own. I went to a memorial service this morning for my step-grandmother who died at 96 a week or so ago. Afterwards there was a potluck lunch in the church basement, and it was a totally typical Lutheran lunch. There were six kinds of jello, so my mother was just beside herself. I think jello is a comfort food that reminds her of her childhood - I teased her that she should have been born Lutheran. :)

After the service, I went over to Mom's and helped her make one of our most traditional Christmas hors d'oeuvres: a feta/cream cheese mixture wrapped in phyllo triangles. After we were done with that (it's a finicky job, so took a while), she piled a stack of recipes in front of me to go through to pick out good things for Christmas. Yes, the preparations are beginning in full force. We always have an open house on Christmas afternoon, and invite everyone we know - we typically get anywhere from 25 to 40 people, plus family. So, we need to start getting ready now. I found some good cookie possibilities. She'll be calling me up regularly for the next four weeks to get me to come over to help her cook/bake something.

She also fed me turkey matzo ball soup today, so the world is good. Mmmm. My mom makes the best matzo balls ever, even if she is a shiksa. No one can beat hers.

She's going to call me tomorrow to make cookies, but I think I'm going to stay home and do laundry and make soup and putter.

One thing about being pregnant - if I am out and about doing anything, the one thing I really really want to do is go home and put on sweatpants or pajamas. I have comfy maternity pants and stuff, so that's not the issue - I just want my house. Or something.
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Yay! I have Girl Scout cookies! All's right with the world.

That is all.


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