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All fannish types of various persuasions should go check out [livejournal.com profile] doll_shop for teh cutest dolls evar, including various Austen characters, House and Cameron, Wimsey and Vane, Doctor Who, Snape..... This chick is awesome, *and* she takes orders!!! :)

(I do NOT. Need. an Elizabeth Bennet doll. Or the Wimsey/Vane pair. But, oh the cuteness!)

I remembered a small addendum to my second-birthday post. We've been trying to teach Elena her full name, and if you ask her, she will say "Eh-LEHN. Ta-hop ta-hop. CAP. *pause* winger."

Her middle name is Katherine. Not Ta-hop Ta-hop.

She also counts her toes. Yesterday she apparently had 11, but today it's back to 10.

I'm starting to get out some boxes and pack stuff. Just now was the craft stuff - yarn, fabric, etc. Do you have *any* idea how many old jeans, T-shirts, and clothes I have cut up, the pieces just sitting there waiting for some magic project to turn them into something interesting and/or useful? No wonder I have to quit my job - I need all my time to wade through all this crap I've saved. I'm just incapable of throwing this stuff away. Sheesh.
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Want to revisit your childhood? I was looking for a picture of an old toy we had and stumbled upon this site. See here the pictures of the fabulous present my new baby sister brought to me (I was 2 and 1/2) when she was born.

Or the cash register?

And the toy that I was looking for - the medical kit.

Oh man, I could wander this site for *hours*. Wow.

(E has a toy that was a hand-me-down that has been discontinued. I can't find it yet, so I have to wait till she's done napping to grab it and look at the model number.)
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These are hilarious. It's a gallery of pictures of babies/toddlers who are scared of Santa. Go see. (And if you don't look at all of them, be sure to check out #65 - it's my favorite, I think.)

Happy New Year, everyone. I think I'm going to bed early. (My date is out of state, and I have a cold.)


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