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I was sitting here, looking up all the packages of things I've ordered recently (Crinsmins presents!), tracking them on the UPS site, and the UPS truck pulled up in front of the house. So one of them got here, at least.

In other news, I was incredibly rude and nasty to a telemarketer this morning. I usually try to be nice and polite - it isn't their fault, they're just doing what they're told and reading from a script - but Chase has gotten on my last nerve, and even though her explanation made perfect sense and I was being unreasonable, I couldn't help myself. I apologize to the universe. cut for details of my bitchiness )

ETA: The phone rang 5 minutes ago and it was Chase! They're learning, sorta! This was... marginally closer to evening. She asked for a better time to call, and I bit my tongue and said "evenings" and nothing else.

The EB's checkup )
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With No One As Witness, by Elizabeth George. I've been a fan of George's for a while - she writes really good British murder mysteries, and they aren't your typical easy mysteries either. They are long, and twisty, and it's usually hard to see what's coming. This one was very very good - about a serial killer killing young boys all around London. Very creepy and suspenseful by the end. You know, if you like that sort of thing. :)

This morning, [livejournal.com profile] galagan insisted on taking the EB - he said I'd done enough lately, and it was HIS TURN. She was rather fussy, though, so I kept poking my head into the room where he was, lurking around, etc. He finally told me flat out to go away. He pointed out that if I don't always and forever want to be the assumed default caregiver, then I have to let him have the baby, and do his own thing. This is the part in the baby books where they say to let your partner make his own mistakes and arrive at his own methods. Right. I went downstairs, and read my book (the above one) and snacked on breakfast-y foods. And enjoyed myself, actually. She did settle down, incidentally. (He's actually very good at quieting her.)

When he brought her to me about noon to feed, I realized that I had really missed her, not seeing her all morning. Wow.

She was terribly fussy all afternoon - but is pretty happy now. Maybe she'll sleep properly tonight.

I talked to my aunt last night about our trip to Kentucky - I'll be staying at her house. Her new grandchild (who is there in town) is just a few weeks older than the EB, and so she's well equipped with baby gear. Then she started telling me about the system (Babywise) that my cousin's wife is using with their baby - all about how you schedule feedings, and how it gets your baby to sleep through the night. I'd heard about this other places, so I took about 2 minutes on the Internet to look it up, and found out that the American Academy of Pediatrics doesn't really approve of many (most?) of the suggestions in this. Plus, the guy is a Christian fundamentalist, and the original version of the books explains that this is God's way of bringing up children. Frankly, I think a lot of the recommendations just sound bad - my child has enough weight and food issues without messing with her feeding times, and a 6-week-old baby is not *meant* to sleep through the night, even if that means I don't get a lot of rest myself. But there you have it. Don't these people do research? (In a word, no - not this particular sub-branch of the family.) I'm sure that I'll have to spend my days in Kentucky listening to the glories of this program, and why aren't I doing it with the EB so I can sleep at night? I'll have to decide what tactic I want to take - tell them what I really think (and insult them, because they will be insulted), or just demur and brush them off. Hmmmm.

Uh-oh. Now she's fussy. Must go deal with crying baby. ;)
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We have an intern who keeps using the phrase "that's so gay" (or "is this gay?"), and it's driving me crazy. I already explained to her very patiently last week that she shouldn't use that word that way. She just now used it, and I totally snapped at her: "Don't use that word!" A manager was standing outside my door, and just gave me this *look* - though I'm not sure if she was thinking I was being bitchy, or Intern was being icky, or what.

So then I calmly explained that you shouldn't use that word that way, it's insulting, and I find it really offensive. Her response was "Do you find it insulting because you have a lot of gay friends?"

Grit teeth. "Actually, I have a lot of friends gay and straight who find that offensive."

She breezily said "I say that in front of my gay friends all the time, and they don't care."

Me: "Well, maybe they should."

The kicker is, I'm sure I'm a little more upset than she is. She's young, she doesn't know any better, etc. etc. *Sigh* Interns.....
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I went to a candidate's forum today - mostly local candidates and local issues. There was a program guide that contained statements from lots of the candidates. One of them said that a major priority of his, if elected, was to implement "bear bones" medical policies.... I know we live in Montana - but I didn't realize the wildlife had insurance coverage! My mom and I were nearly hysterical, though we had to do so silently, because it was the middle of the thing.


Aug. 30th, 2004 04:15 pm
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The lovely all-staff email that just came out from our building manager:

Due to our New Fiscal Year
& always looking at cost
saving measure's:
It is recommended that you use only 2 sheets of toilet paper when using the restroom. We do have a rather large supply of dial soap we need to use up (if needed).
Thanks for your assistance with maintaining our budgets!

I'm sorry - I plan on using as much fucking toilet paper as I need! And I'm pregnant too, so I'm going to the bathroom a lot. So suck it!

(Why should I listen to anyone who punctuates like that anyway?)
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The catalog I'm reading of educational videos has a listing of "Learning Moduals" for a certain curriculum. AARRRRGGGGHH!!


Jul. 28th, 2004 03:50 pm
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I just came home to an URGENT piece of mail from John Kerry, which begins "I am sending you this important message just hours after accepting the Democratic nomination."

Funny, that's supposed to happen tomorrow.

So, John Kerry should be elected not only because he's the most qualified candidate for the job, but also because he obviously has discovered time travel - and our government could really benefit from that.
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Well, my letter to the editor of our paper (see previous post) struck a nerve - he already emailed me back a somewhat testy reply. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, they know. Yes, they hate it too. And then he went off on a big whine about how they work under deadlines and put out three editions daily blah blah blah - and I'm still thinking, "Hey dude, I appreciate that you work hard, but it's still unacceptable. In a real newspaper, you would never get away with this crap."

What can I say - it's been a crabby week. I have, however, found the perfect book to read when one is feeling crabby and nitpicky and difficult, which is Bryson's Dictionary of Troublesome Words, Bryson as in Bill. I'm enjoying it very much, which just goes to show how geeky I can get.

Another bright spot in a crabby week - [livejournal.com profile] saltcod will appreciate this - I got an email from a genealogy contact. My father and I emailed him a few years back and traded information, and we are distantly related. He has put a website up of that branch of the family, and it's so cool! It lists all descendants of Zanwel Deyches, born circa 1735 in Krakow. I am *9* generations removed from Zanwel, and connected through my father's maternal grandmother. A part of me is convinced that this is the branch of the family I take after - I look rather a lot like my grandmother, so I've decided she probably looks like hers did, and so on up. (Yeah, I know - that's a huge assumption - but this is only for my own amusement.) Anyway - it's just fun to wander around in this stuff and poke about and see what cool things get uncovered.

I wish my mouse on this computer worked better. I seem to be cursed in that my mice never last long before they get all gummed up and don't roll properly.

I have to get all fancied up for a shindig this evening. Going to go paint my toes (a conservative color) and maybe think about curling my hair. Woo woo.
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I just sent this email to the editor of our paper. I was so mad about the headline that I was pounding the offending apostrophe with my fist this morning. Read on:


The headline "Rancher's kept prehistoric Indian site secret until now" really surprised me in this morning's Gazette. You see, I was always taught that apostrophes were only used to signify possession - but I can't make that headline make sense that way. This kind of sloppiness in a print publication is inexcusable.

Of course, it follows close on the heels, so to speak, of another ghastly blunder. The recent story about the Miss Montana Pegeant repeatedly referred to the "high heals" the contestants wore. "Heels" are the back part of your feet, "high heels" are the shoes, and "heals" is what you hope happens to your feet after wearing such uncomfortable shoes.

Please at least try to make an effort to get things correct. A lot of us depend on the Gazette for our news, but it's hard to take the paper seriously when these kind of middle school mistakes permeate the publication on a regular basis.

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So, I want to ask - what do you call a multi-lane, limited access, divided highway??

Question #2: If I said to you, "now we are getting off the interstate, and going the rest of the way on state highway" - would you understand what I meant?

East Coasters especially encouraged to reply. :)
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Oh yes - I have another nasty-telemarketer-story. I was the one who was nasty. :)

I answered the phone, and she mispronounced my name (the surefire sign of a telemarketing call). Then she said "I'm calling from Some Magazine and it's a windy cold day here in Columbus Ohio. What's the weather like in Billings?" I started to say my standard "I'm not interested" - but it turned into "I'm not interested in discussing the weather with you." And hung up. Oh SOOOOO satisfying. :)
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Note to Off-Site Manager:
When you send me an email and set up something for Tuesday the 25th, I (like a crazy person) write that on my calendar on Tuesday the 25th. When you then decide it's going to happen, say, on Friday the 21st - and don't tell me that ahead of time - somehow I'm not prepared for that event. *surprise!* I like my job, and I think I do it well, but *not* when I'm blindsided on an already crabby Friday morning with something I'm not prepared for. And that is not fair to me or to the person stuck in the middle. It also means I didn't have time to do everything that needed to be done - again, I had the audacity to schedule another appointment, because I didn't know. So she will have to come back another time and waste her time driving back and forth.... To sum up, Tuesday the 25th DOES NOT EQUAL Friday the 21st. So bite me.

I don't like being forced out of my routine, or out of my expectations of a quiet morning.....

No, I'm not bitter or petty much. Ha.

(Actually, I got a fortune cookie last night that claimed quite erroneously "You are never bitter, deceptive or petty." First I suggested that I had picked up the wrong one and it was supposed to be [livejournal.com profile] galagan's, but he wouldn't claim those attributes either. So I was stuck with it. And I'm already proving it wrong. How lovely.)

This afternoon, I took myself out for junk food, and then roamed around our newly remodeled Target (basically they moved everything around, so now you can't find *anything* there), and went to my mom's house to bang on her piano a little bit. Good therapy.

Time to go read my book on the porch. Thank the gods for my Friday afternoons - without them, I think I'd blow a gasket.
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First of all, I must start out by saying that you know a book will be good when this is the first line: "The angel was cleaning out his closets when the call came." I'm pleased - well beyond pleased, really.

A mixed bag of a day. Because I was out of the office last week after Wednesday noon, I had a lot of catch-up. About 50 emails, which isn't bad. My geekitude took over and I reorganized my system of rules and folders in Outlook so everything goes where I want it. Paper mail to sort through. (I am now an approved trainer for the Montana Early Childhood Program - whoopdedoo.)

Spent some time rehashing a past (work) decision which I was part of because of someone's sense of entitlement. Short version: we give a scholarship for 2 of our programs. Someone felt they should have gotten it even though (a) she was not eligible, (b) she didn't actually apply, or even try to, and (c) if she had applied, we wouldn't have considered her because of (a). But - she feels the need for *recognition*, and that she is more deserving than the person who got it - coincidentally, an ex-friend whom she is no longer on speaking terms with..... Hmmm. You know, dear, we don't always get full complete proper recognition for the things we do. Best you learn that at 18, rather than later. (Clearly she really bears us no ill will, as several of us also got graduation announcements from her today.)

Found out - though I'm NOT supposed to know this - that our office will be moving across town. A bad decision, I think, in light of our demographics - but they don't ask me what I think. :)

Got bitched at courtesy of our risk management person. Said evil RM person has gotten a new job, and will soon be out of our hair. Thanks to the gods for small favors.

Came home from all that feeling like I needed a drink - in my case, that means mainlining chocolate and caffeine, rather than alcohol. Put on my torn jeans and my favorite flannel shirt, which I wear when I'm in need of comfort and/or security. Doesn't everyone have a Security-Flannel-Shirt (instead of a blanket)??

Got a phone call from a good friend from college, just back from a trip to Italy. He was jetlagged and pleasantly befuddled, but we discussed European travel, the state of world politics, graduate school, AirAmerica radio, and the Sunday Opus strip that Berkeley Breathed is doing (I'm not overly impressed by it yet - he said I was a Bloom County obsessive - which is true).

And - my latest victory!!! (Warning: I expose more of my geekitude ahead.) I was commenting to my mother last night that turnips smell like horseradish to me, and wondering aloud if they were related..... I left the room to get a reference book, and she apparently made a comment to [livejournal.com profile] galagan that I was crazy. (My mother has thought I was crazy since I was at least 17. If not earlier.) But I just looked it up on a plant database, and they share a family classification. Brassicacae, or something like that. So I'm thrilled. I need to call my mother up and crow in her ear about my incredible right-ness. :)
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So, I was out of the office at a conference all day, and so I just got home and started checking my email and catching up on LJ.

The phone rings - I answer and hear the hiss-click of an automated dialer. So I hang up. As soon as I walk away from the phone, it rings again. Bugger. So I answer, and wait this time. A man comes on, mispronounces my name (always a sure sign), to which I say "Speaking" still contemplating hanging up. He said (in a thick Texan accent) "Well, I must have had a bad connection the first time--" And I interrupted and said "No you didn't. I hung up on you because I knew you were a solicitor." And hung up. ...Very satisfying. I'm usually vaguely polite (but firm) to telemarketers - I figure it's not their fault, plus they are following a script. But oh, this was worth it.

So I was at this conference today. It was okay. A little boring at times. The topic is Urban Indian Parenting, which is kind of interesting. It's a little touchy-feely, which always makes me just a tad uncomfortable, especially when I'm there in a professional capacity. So many of these people have had such miserable lives - there was a lot of personal sharing. It does makes me recognize that I'm lucky for what I've got, for what I've been given, and for the things I take for granted.....

It's also interesting to approach things from their mindset - whether it's the scheduled agenda (ha! forget it!) or the value and importance of education, or prayer in the schools. We have a Sacred Hoop that was brought in, and a song was sung (think pow-wow) - and a smudge of sage burning off and on all day. The Hoop has ribbons of 4 colors - representing the traditional Medicine Wheel colors: red, yellow, black and white - and 100 eagle feathers hanging off it. When we each spoke in the circle, they passed around a fan made of eagle feathers - it looked like an entire wing. That stuff really adds an element to the event - forces you into a new perspective. And that's a nice stretch - it feels good.

I was thinking - they really are a rather alien culture, for all that they live right here in my backyard. And if I think they are alien - how difficult must it be for them to assimilate in a white world? It's hard to sit there and listen to them list the "values" of the white world - i.e. capitalism, material possessions, science, etc. - and know that we (as whites) are being lumped together and then criticized, en masse.

A day and a half more of this event. I hope it's good. (I hope I don't do anything sacriligious like drop an eagle feather. That's a HUGE no-no!!)
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So, the morning presentation went well - no hostility. Just sleepy eyes staring back at me *blink*blink*blink*. One girl said she didn't think abortion would ever become illegal again. So I subtly/gently tried to point out that we are currently at very great risk of that happening.

Meanwhile - a book report. No, a book warning. Do not read this book.

Guenevere, Queen of the Summer Country by Rosalind Miles (I think).... Oh dear. You know, usually I'm up for any Arthurian whatnot, any reinterpretation, any delving further into the realm of Avalon, etc. etc. But this starts slow, and then dives into the histrionic and just *stays* there. Eventually I gave up reading last night (on page 183) and just flipped through the rest counting how many chapters ended with exclamation points. (Way way way too many. Chapters either end with exclamation points, stunning questions, visions, or a death. And these are all short chapters.) I just couldn't stand so Many! Breathless! Moments! all in a row ... I was starting to hyperventilate. It's a shame too, because she actually has a decent set-up here. Arthur was raised as a Christian, Guenevere is the devout pagan who worships the Mother Goddess (and prays to her for aid and assistance about once a page), Merlin is this evil plotting troll/madman out to get Guenny..... Guen's religion also allows women control over their bodies, their lives, their sexuality (hey! that sounds like a good idea. Maybe we should try that.) - but this includes the phrase "thigh-friendship," meaning that women can sleep with whomever they choose, as this is a sacred rite of the Goddess's. Great concept, terrible terrible phrase. Ack.
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At the risk of sounding like a broken record... )

Anyway - today is Tuesday, so I get to work late. Woohoo for me. We have a guest speaker coming in, so I don't even have to exert myself much - just sit back and enjoy.

I have been mentally reviewing my calendar and I have something going on every single weekend between now and May. Which seems like it should be really far away, and isn't really. Some big huge events and some tinier. But still! Busy busy.
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So, today is all about the snarky goodness. First, we're bitching about Mary Kay - yes, I know Mary Kay is evil in and of itself, but this with regards to a specific nasty-bitch Mary Kay person. She's evil in and of *herself*. And we're enjoying badmouthing her very much.

Then, my colleague in Great Falls and I are being snitty about the feds and their picky picky laws. I found an article that says the No Child Left Behind Act may endanger DARE, because it requires money to be spent only on programs that have been proven effective (which DARE ain't). Well, howsabout abstinence-only-until-marriage education? That hasn't been proven to do much of anything besides make it more likely that those teens will get an STI. I like this idea of turning a federal program back on them to bite them on the ass. Hee.

And, today is my boss' first day in the office after a week off. We had a little catch-up discussion earlier, but she's still wading through all her emails. Once she gets through them all, we'll have a major bitch session about a few certain happenings which she missed in her absence. It'll be fun. We'll trash all the co-workers we don't like. :)

Meanwhile, I'm getting no work done today - just wandering the web and writing snarky emails back and forth. Whee!


Mar. 1st, 2004 03:30 pm
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Ah yes - just remembered, I had a rant coming on, and forgot to write it down.

I live in the town of sucky movies, okay? When I left Seattle, I figured I could get 'most everything I'd really want here, except movies. We usually have Lethal Weapon 14 (or whatever horrendous action-flick-sequel is out) playing on multiple screens, and a few teen flicks, and nothing indie, nothing in weird (not-English) languages. Not anything that wasn't made in Los Angeles by a major studio with a multi-million dollar budget. And mostly, I live with that. I read about all these cool movies that play elsewhere, and wish I could see them. And that's it. Period.

But this week, we have THREE god movies - oh, okay, Jesus-movies here. There is of course the sickening Passion which I'm so tired of hearing about (our paper keeps running stories by local people of how wonderful and moving and inspirational it is). There is also The Gospel According to John. And The Book of Mormon. (And I'm not providing links, because I don't want these people to get hits on their website that they can then brag about and say, see how popular and wonderful we are?) That's 3 movies (and the Passion is on more than one screen) in a 17-screen town. A 23.5% showing of Jesus movies seems a bit high, even here in the Other Bible Belt.

Sometimes I just get so sick and tired of living in the invisible minority. (Take that to mean religion, politics, whatever. Many many things apply.) It's like Adrienne Rich's essay on assuming that everyone else around you is heterosexual, until you find out otherwise (I forget the name of it right now). I feel that way in every aspect of my identity, in this state on occasion (except for my sexuality, I suppose).


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