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Elena has a new best friend. This makes me so happy. She's such a shy child - like I was. I had friends as a baby/toddler, and then we moved and I didn't have any close friends for a while (until we moved again, and I met [livejournal.com profile] rivka). I know that lonely path of the shy child, and you always hope for better things for your own children.....

Elena's been talking a lot lately about A from school, and A's mother C just figured out that she knows me a little (she's in my book club) and so we went over to their house this morning for a playdate. OMG, the excitement on both sides. The shrieking. The giggling. The goofing around. The funny faces. They dressed up in ballet clothes and danced around for us. It's so nice to see Elena really bonding tightly with someone her own age. (One set of her friends are twins - so she has fun with them both, but it's still a threesome, and sometimes gets awkward and weird with ever-shifting alliances. Another of her closest friends right now is quite a bit younger - they have a blast together, but they aren't completely on the same level all the time.) C (A's mom) was saying how nice it is for A too, because the rest of their class at preschool is mostly boys (on the days they are there, anyway), and while boys are fine to play with, it's just not the same. They are both definitely in a really girly phase, and it's nice to have someone else to play princess and ballerina and tea party with. (Elena plays with her fair share of trucks and dinosaurs too.)

And assuming we stay here (which we certainly plan on doing, darn it) - she and A will be in the same class at school, and can be friends for a long long time. I certainly hope so. (I think about that a lot, looking around at a roomful of toddlers we know - what it will be like to watch them all grow up.)
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