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Everybody at story hour this morning was asking "how was your Thanksgiving? how was yours?" And my initial thought was, well that was *weeks* ago. Ahem. Perhaps not. I've been busy.... or preoccupied. Mostly with school. This is my last week of classes for my first quarter! I have a paper due on Sunday (a hypothetical grant report, which I'm not worried about at all. I've done plenty of grants in my lifetime), a final due Monday (take-home, open-book, etc. Mostly fill-in-the-blank, discussion type stuff, with a word limit, so they aren't expecting major novels written for each answer. I'm not too worried about it either), and a final project due Wednesday (as in, a week from tomorrow - an annotated bibliography about information seeking behavior of a particular user group chosen by moi). So since Thanksgiving I've really been working on the paper and the project, a bit nose-to-the-grindstone (the test was just given to us yesterday). I've even been dreaming about my schoolwork, which is a sure sign that my brain has been completely taken over.

Sunday we went for a *drive*. Gas prices are so low, it's reasonable to do that again! (Seriously, every time I pass a gas station and see those low low prices under $2, my brain shouts, "Dump the milk!! The cat's drinking unleaded from now on!!" Every. Time.) We drove up to Wilmington, which is a charming little ski-country Vermont town and had breakfast at one of our favorite spots (Dot's Restaurant - I had to-die-for Eggs Benedict) and wandered around. It's the kind of thing we used to do all the time, and just don't anymore - mostly because of gas prices. It was really nice. It started snowing a bit on the way home, though by the time we got home, it had turned to sleet. I was glad we were able to take advantage of the nice weather in the morning.

Otherwise.... apart from school work..... Elena's been jumping up and down on my last nerve today, as much as possible. She can still change moods in the blink of an eye, so she'll be just fine and asking questions and stuff, and then start yelling and whining about nothing in particular. Or go from whining and crying inconsolably to giggling and happy. It's hard to manage that, in terms of my own emotions. We're all tired today, which doesn't help. (She was up at 12:15 wanting water and at 3:20 because - so I'm told - her elbow itched.) But one of her best friends was at the library this morning, so she was happy there. And soon we get to go to *~*dance class*~*. And then I go to work.
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