Apr. 30th, 2017

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Like so many others, I think I have to just declare amnesty, and jump straight on in, or I'll never get started, right?

Today is my chores-day, so I went grocery shopping and have started the laundry, but I still need to strip all the beds and remake them. And do some general cleaning too. My mother is coming to town, so there is slightly more cleaning pressure than usual. But the house is not-quite-as-dire as usual, so I think I'm in decent shape.

She is visiting because this week is the 6th grade musical! (omg) E has the starring female role, but it's triple-cast (so as to create more opportunities - this is what you do when you have to get 65+ kids into one show!), so we don't have to go every single night. I'm pretty excited to see the show, not gonna lie, not just to see E in her element as a shiny shiny star, but also to see all the other kids, many of whom I've known since they were 4 or 5, if not longer. *sniff* Middle school is coming, folks, fast and furious upon us. It's kind of amazing.

It's a chilly day, so I'm going to make soup - and it just occurred to me that I should get out the bread machine too. E is going over to a friend's and Dan is going out too, so I will have the house to myself this afternoon. \o/


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