Feb. 4th, 2009

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I don't *do* it very often.... but every so often, I just have to write a letter to a magazine. Last month (maybe?) Glamour had a cover article about some actress (maybe someone from Desperate Housewives? Not the point), and the article started with them asking her about her weight and had she gained any weight (oh no! of course not! those are just weird tabloid rumors!) and/or was she pregnant (oh no! of course not! those are just weird tabloid rumors!); only once these important things were dealt with could the rest of the interview proceed. They even had a pull quote on the first page about how ridiculous Hollywood's obsession with the weight of actresses was.

So, I went off on a rant, as you do, and wrote them a reasonably nasty letter about how JUST MAYBE by starting off the interview with this topic they were implying that it was the most important thing I needed to know about her, and therefore, they were contributing to that obsession they claim to decry. Something like that. I don't think I was very coherent. *grin* It was just a rant I had to get off my chest. I ended by saying that I thought when my subscription runs out I won't be renewing, because they've really turned into Cosmo-Lite these days, and if I wanted that I could just buy Cosmo.

I got the usual email response (oh! we support all women! and once occasionally sometimes use plus-sized models, no rilly!! And we appreciate your input, blah blah blah). This was all several weeks ago.

Today I got an email that the editors are "considering" printing my letter, and could I let them know how I'd like my name and city to appear?

I swear, every time I write a letter to a national magazine, this happens. (The other times, it's usually been nice, at least.) Elena got her picture in Ms., I wrote a quick note to Food & Wine a handful of years ago..... It's bizarre. I'm not *that* eloquent. Is it that no one writes letters (of praise or complaint) anymore? :)

p.s. But how much you wanna bet they cut out the part about Cosmo-Lite? :)


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