Jan. 15th, 2009

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I am having a bad week.... nothing dire, just petty little details ganging up to conspire against me. Something like that. Too busy, not enough time to get everything done, not enough motivation to get moving during those chances when I *do* have free time..... It's just this week. I am pretty sure that most of the main factors will have dissipated or disappeared by next week. So I just have to keep moving forward.....

But I went to the grocery store earlier. I usually have a general policy of not buying junk food, because then it isn't in the house, and you can't eat it. Today, however..... I bought Fig Newtons, pretzels, Tings (um, sort of organic cheese puffs that are awesomely awesome), *and* Goldfish. (The only thing that stopped me from buying potato chips was the knowledge that we already had an unopened bag at home.) I think I'm having some mega-savory-carb-laden-snack-cravings. Just a wee bit.

But. I just made a decision to overcome a stupid petty grudge from a few years back and sent a friend request to someone on Facebook. She was um, kind of caught up (from my perspective) in my leaving Planned Parenthood - almost an innocent bystander (though not quite). But none of it was *her* fault. And I always liked her. So, I'm feeling magnanimous and beneficent and like a mature adult here.

Also, I am wearing a fuzzy lambswool sweater (I think I bought it at Goodwill for felting, and then decided it was too pretty to wash and cut up) and long underwear (so I am feeling no cold) - and I'm sitting under a fleece blanket in a sunbeam. Okay, my life isn't so bad.

Okay. I'm going to read my damn stats homework. NOW.


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